Blending the Wild with Tarot - Wild Messengers

  • Hi lovely humans! I wanted to share a new tarot deck in the making with you all and encourage you to help back us if the deck resonates!

    For all my wife's life, she's had a gift of quickly parsing information. Be it in school, from a relationship or through reading/listening/sensing, she's been divining the essence of many things. Animal messages happen to be one of the more potent.

    She used to offer animal guide readings for people. During that time, I always suggested we build a tarot deck and book around the animals. She liked the idea, but taking on the artwork AND writing AND publishing was too much for our plates.

    Enter 2016. Scrolling through Instagram, I found an artist, Tanya Casteel, that painted beautiful watercolor animals. I immediately messaged her and asked if she'd like to collaborate. Turns out, she was painting those very creatures to raise funds for our next ayahuasca retreat in the Peruvian Amazon! Destiny in overdrive! Right?

    Now, almost two years later, we've finally released the Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot Deck and Guidebook into the wild beyond. Lola is cranking through the major arcana for the book with all four minor arcanas complete.

    Wild Messengers Tarot Deck

    We have only a few days left in our kickstarter campaign. Please join over 300 hundred other animal and tarot lovers to help us make this deck as fun, beautiful and functional as possible. It's a profound work of love and intention. You'll definitely be feeling it once you have one to enjoy!

    Thanks for reading, following and contributing. We appreciate it deeply and can't wait to get the official printed versions in your hands and readings!

    Much love and may you always stay wild and aware!


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