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    Can some one please help me my partner Darren John king 25th may 1982 and my self Jessica Amelia Isobel garvin 09 January 1992 have been together almost 6 months Darren is very broken from his last relationship of ten yrs he was bashed n finally left her Darren is very loyal but a brick wall n take everything I say the wrong way n when we argue he flips it n takes off breaking up with me after calling me every name under the sun I knothow much he really loves me I know that he has just been in a toxic relationship for ten yrs n these are all coping skills he Learnt to deal with his ex he would flip it the second things were a little bit tricky so he could take off before she bashed him I know it will take time for him to learn what a real loving relationship is n I’m willing to wait but he holds it all in do you think I’ll have to wait much longer for him to learn how a functional relationship works or am I holding on hoping he will become the real man I know he is but hides cuz he is scared of getting hurt again

  • Queen jess, this relationship can be difficult for love and will take a hard line. Although the two of you can feel warmly toward each other, particularly at the relationship’s start, an adversarial stance may well emerge as you come to understand each other’s outlooks, pulling you increasingly apart. If both of you can work towards a common goal, however, as you are certainly capable of doing, the relationship’s toughness and practicality can achieve a lot. A love affair here can be cool, no-nonsense and unemotional whereas friendship will be much lighter and easier. Sex is dealt with frankly: the attraction is on or it is off; no attempt is made to compromise. Yet the relationship is not without romance, though a romance that may not be recognized as such by other people, having a private meaning only to the two of you yourselves. Such a relationship can develop into either marriage or friendship, but it is more likely that unless Darren works through and heals his issues, you will slowly drift apart until your connection ends. Darren's changeableness will inevitably be confronted by your strong ethics and stubbornness. He tends to present a rather cold front to the world and he needs to make sure that this doesn’t distance him from his friends and loved ones. If he can learn to express himself more and let his hair down more, he can complement his cool head with a cool attitude. Sometimes he can be too serious for his own good; he needs to make sure he incorporates plenty of fun into your relationship to keep it alive. When he does find himself disappointed in love, he tends to blame himself and his lack of good judgment but he need to understand that, in the world of feelings, sometimes the heart can be stronger than the head. You Jessica are extremely idealistic about love and relationships and believe in having a soul mate. But you are capable of making enormous sacrifices for those you love. However, the two of you will have to try very very hard to reach the kind of emotional understanding that allows easy exchanges to take place between you on a daily basis.

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