Sag woman and Picese man

  • This man and I had a very passionate and creative connection when we were very young. About 30 years passed and we found each other on FB. He has been in a loveless relationship with another woman and they have lived together for 15 years. I admire his loyalty to this woman (he doesn’t want to abandoned her however in the mean time whenever we see each other I can feel this powerful connection. This has been going on for quite a while. I am a Sag with a Libra rising which is exactly conjunct my Libra in Neptune. He is a Picses with a Sag riding and all of his personal planets in Aries. I think he’s really suffering in this relationship . BTW she’s an Aries with a Libra acendent. With Jupiter going into Sag in 2019 I’m wondering if we might finally get back together next year.

  • There is nothing you can do here - it is entirely up to this man to decide what he wants. He may be suffering but he is not doing anything about it. Pisces often live in their fantasies rather than taking actual action and will put up with a bad situation until outside forces (like the death of a partner) change it for them.

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