Will he return back to me or will someone new come into my life?

  • Hi,
    I am a new bee here. My name is ogechi. Please I need a reading about my love life. Will my man return back to me and we take things to the next level or is there some one else for me? My love life has been giving me major concern.

  • Can you give me both your birth dates?

  • @thecaptain mine is 14/04/1984
    And his date of birth is 23/01/1986

  • The two of you are on a common wavelength, so that a successful friendship, love relationship or marriage are all possible for you. The relationship’s high sexual energy can be explosive and fulfilling. However this man is very much a free spirit, very hard to pin down, and the sooner you understand this, the better. You too can be impulsive or impetuous on occasion, but will usually be surpassed in these qualities by your partner, whose lightening-like mind and movements can amaze everyone. You need to be able to fulfill his need for security, but will have to make an extra effort to accept his need for variety, vibrancy and change also. Despite the intimacy here, a conventional marriage between you is unlikely, since your needs and wants are so different. Unwilling to hang around the house while you are busy perhaps working with other people, for example, your partner will usually see nothing wrong with having several other close personal relationships, perhaps even lovers, away from home. You, on the other hand, tend to be monogamous, and will only find what you need in someone else’s arms if you are unhappy. Your partner is not really as social or in need of human contact as he thinks he is, and once he realizes this, wide gaps may appear between you. You have to decide if this sort of free-spirited, unsettled relationship is for you or not. Understand the level of your commitment to this person.

  • @thecaptain thank u!

    For the past 1 year and 2 months we've been together off and on, he is very hot and cold though one minute he loves me and the next he is detached. We have a very strong connection and we both make each other happy... I love him a lot but right now everything seem out of balance. He's gone MIA.
    Is he going to return back or is someone new coming in?

  • He will return but you must expect him to always be going off again. That is his nature and you must decide if you can cope with having such a free spirit in your life, especially since it will only be a 'now and again' sort of relationship.

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