Confusion about what to do.

  • Been confusing and intense few months. My dob 12/18/78. His 03/18/80. Feel deep connection with him but don't know how he feels. We have deep conversations and emotions when we are together but he gets scared and disappears for few days. Don't know what I should do. It's very complicated situation

  • I feel this makes for an easier friendship than it does for a love relationship which can struggle. But your matchup can be a real brain-buster, mentally. From cards, chess and word games to computers and technical or scientific research, the two of you will be interested in sharpening your wits on each other. An obvious drawback of a love affair here is that you may neglect the physical and emotional side in favour of mind games and clever sorts of manipulation with a frequent tendency to argue. Such confrontations may actually be not about feelings at all but, rather, a kind of one-upmanship in which each person strives to assert his or her mental superiority. Marriage between you can go on for years, with you both arguing all the way - the relationship may even be held together by such battles. You need to make your relationship less complex and simplify the emotions here. Don't neglect the feeling side.

    Your friend has trouble devoting enough time to his loved ones as he can get very caught up in his work and own interests. His preoccupation with moving forward can cause him to neglect not just important details but also the feelings of other people. Thus he may move from relationship to relationship until he becomes more settled. He also likes an element of danger in his relationships, tending to be attracted to individuals who will challenge him physically, mentally and emotionally. If he becomes bored, he may look elsewhere for adventure. Because he loves a challenge, you should let him do most of the pursuing and be prepared for plenty of surprises. Don't ever try to tie this guy down.

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