Feeling lost about everything, need a reading if posible?

  • Hello, I'm not sure how to start
    I used to feel so alive and passionate about arts in general and studied a career related to animation, It didn't go well, never found a job related to animation.

    I have problems with my family, I used to live alone but now I'm with them because of some problems with money.

    I feel so limited because I feel like I'm losing opportunities, the few I got I had to decline because I don't have good internet and I can't buy a better one (not because money, is because where I live there is not a better one)

    I miss my friends every day, the life I had before sucked, but I can't help but think it was better than this in his own way.

    I kinda got a small work thanks to my mom but I can't help but hate it.

    I've been in this town for like one year, and nothing had changed, and I really miss my old home.

    Is okay if I ask for family and work? what should I do?

  • I feel like you don't understand yourself and your abilities well enough to form a realistic life plan. Ask other people you trust what they see as your strengths and talents so that you can get back on track and pursue something you have a real chance of achieving rather than pie-in-the-sky fantasies. Or give me your birth date and I will suggest possible avenues or a life direction for you.

  • I couldn't help noticing all your sentences beginning in "I". You have put yourself in a very isolating perspective....trapped in loss. Everything looks hopeless. It's hard to control outside things but we feel we do not have the power to change. We can change our energy vibration. Where our focus goes grows. It is hard to attract positive things with our energy stuck in loss. First raise your energy and wait for opportunity to be attracted to you. The card I pulled for you asks if you are a complainer. It states that be aware of yourself when feeling upset about outside things. Complaining limits the ability to see solutions. Meaning that not all road blocks or sudden turns or bad news is a negative thing. You are on a path and need to not see so many dead end destinations. Meet disappointments with a more neutral emotional energy otherwise you end up waking up everyday beating your own head up against your losses. Start your energy change by embracing GRATITUDE...the energy of gratitude and thankfulness is a higher vibration and if you stay in that higher energy you will attract changes. Despite your list of complaints you can find things to feel grateful for. Lay in bed and feel grateful for your bed....a roof over your head...a pillow. Heat or air conditioning. Food! Your eyes are working!. Count little blessings and allow yourself the feeling of being blessed. You get to choose. At first it may not feel real but do it anyway. I promise you it will change your life! BLESSINGS!

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