Wanna know leo men...plz help..

  • i am a cancerian woman married to a leo man..i love my husband very much but there r always problems between us..and we fight a lot..his coments hurts me a lot..and i feel that he is not bothered about me...he is insensitive..resently we had a major fight...on heat of the moment he told me to leave the house...i packed and was going to leave the house when my in-laws intervane and told me that it is there house and he has no authority to tell me to leave the house...i cried a lot but settled in...from that time we r not talking to each other...and not even sharing the bed..i love him too much and it is hurting me...i am missing him...want to desolve the argument...but on the other hand my ego is not letting me to talk to him..he is also not making any move for peace..my question is what should i do??do i really dnt matter to him??

  • I'm sorry this happened to you. if I look at it from zodiac side, I would say leo always has temper tantrum. very rare you see one without, even if it's female. being leo male, he really is a prideful person. if you do anything, no matter how small, but hurts his pride in any way, he will certainly lash out on you. be very careful in your conduct as his wife. because of his pride, he would want someone who looks good and takes care of herself because he is going to kind of show you around when he meets his friends and family. careful what you wear, say etc. it's easy to hurt his pride, since he can be prideful about practically anything and your marriage life will suffer just because of one slap to his pride.

    is he always like this? how long have you been with him? what are the arguments about? you love him, but I think you should be very careful. if he wants you to pack, he may not love you anymore. I can't imagine leo male not sharing his bed, if anything, that's the one place he will be showing off his ability pleasing women - or the women pleasing him (yeah, leo males are the kings, the females hunt for them. do you know that? LOL they just sit and yawn, only come along if the females are wounded and can't hunt)

    do yourself a favor. take the time to calm down and turn inward. see if there is anything you have done to upset him. be honest, because you may contribute to his anger. being water sign, you will not understand how important is pride for him. try to talk to him and admit your mistakes. I'm sure he will not be as angry. if he also contributes to it, mention it but don't sound like you blame him. this is very important, they don't like being blamed. I mean, EVER.

    He won't make a move for peace, if he is angry. Don't even expect that to happen. If you love him, make the first move. If you are tired of it, take time away from him. maybe stay somewhere else and come back when you are done introspecting. by then you will know what to decide, stay or not. I have to warn you, they can be violent. try protect yourself for now, by not provoking more temper tantrum from him. and try to find out what actually happens. maybe money problem? whatever it is, if you want to stay with him, his pride is the way to his heart. never hurt it, even if you have to tell the truth, say it in a way that doesn't provoke him. I feel that you have done something that upsets him, not defending him, I just find water signs irritating sometimes. but if you can come clean and do so with a lot of consideration of his pride, you may have a chance. that is if you still want to stay with him. if not, well you know what to do.

  • it was a very small argument to start off...i was in my room studing for my exams..he came in the room searching something..asked me have i seen 1000 bucks that he kept on the bed earlier??i said yes i saw it but dnt know where it is now...i sugested that may b he has kept it some where else and forgot it...he asked me to help him...i said i am doing some work so i cant hepl him...moreover when he has lost it he should find it!!then suddenly he started throwing bed sheets,dresses and other things making the room a mess...i told him not to do so cause i have to put them in order...and i came to help him find the money,he told me he dsnt neeed my help and i may go and continue my work...i hated him at that moment and told him that it is not my fault that he cant find his money...he made my room a total mess and went out...i shouted .."who will now rearrange the room..u r such a ******* and you deserve that"...

    thats it...

    and one more thing...he was not like this before...i know him for last 5 years...he was a sweet person...he still is ...but he just dnt make that effort moreoften any more...i liked the way he was...he was a caring person...dnt know what to do,....

  • I see. so it is money. there must be something going on that he didn't tell you. It doesn't sound like a big deal to me if you make the first move talking to him. it's true that he should find what he lost, but I feel that there is more than just that money in his mind. shouting at him won't change anything, they don't react well to shouting. he is different now, you have to deal with him differently. time is difficult now for everybody, this is when people's personality starts to show true colors. I can't tell if he still loves you or not, but I feel that he is changing. It's up to you whether to stay or not. I don't think one small thing should make a difference, but if it is a beginning of bigger things then you should think about your life together further down the road.

  • That's sad thay yu guys had that big argument over money. But the Leo that I know has never ever act in that manner. Leo are always providers and lile to take care home. So maybe that's why he was looking so tough for the money. And he wanted yoy there to help. It could be anything. Sometimes it just good to listen, and not fight fire with fire. Tell your husband that you are sorry and make it up to him. Don't let it go to long. Make it work.

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