I like tihs guys but i mess up

  • ok there's this guy that i like n before we went out his my ex so he told me dat he loves me dat i been da harder gurl 4 hem 2 let go bt he still hurt of wat i did i said am srry i dint meant 2 do dat bt now he dnk if he should give me another chage i kno he still loves me cuz he had send hes friends 2 check me out 2 let hem kno wat am doing so i dnk wat 2 do so he gives me another change cuz i got 2 guys dat want 2 be with me n like 1 a lil bet i ma=ight say yes bt i love my ex wat can i do?

  • girl you got to follow ur heart. and if ur meant to be with someone it will happen.

  • u just confuse and somewhat insecure in a way your looking for this guys, like ideal care nd pampering and ryt now u just can't figure out yet..so i can say,ur a bit playful for now, not just with your feelings alone but to the guys as well.and i think that's ok, not gettin' too serious with it and your in this exploring thing or something. just bare in yourself this phrase, 'what u sow is what u reap'.there's no bad to be playful as long u had this good intention figuring out what you're true feelings in 'em but just be sure they are of the same path as you.maybe, u decide for now who's ur pick?:)goodluck

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