Are you sabotaging your love life? Love Laws of Attraction...

  • Have you noticed how some people always seem to catch lucky breaks in love, while others catch only unlucky break-ups? Let's talk karma: You get what you give, and when it comes to love, the best way to ensure you love what you get is to follow some simple Karmic love laws of attraction.

    Karma is a fairly simple concept based on the consequence of actions. It's the cosmic principle that past behavior (both in this life and in past lives) will be reflected in what you receive in the future. Good actions and intentions will result in good karma, and, vice versa, bad actions will lead to bad karma. Simple, right? Not so fast!

    Are you sabotaging your love life?

    Karma is a little more complicated when it comes to matters of the heart (what isn't, right?!). Love is such a complex, passionate and all-consuming emotion that it turns people on their heads. And if we're not careful, it's possible we might accidentally create bad love karma without even knowing it.

    There are some bad karma no-brainers, of course: Lying, cheating or any kind of abuse will obviously not lead to good love Karma. But did you know that even if you believe your romantic actions and intentions are positive, still the smallest negative thoughts or feelings of guilt, jealousy or resentment could be sabotaging your love life?

    It may be too late to control any of the bad-karma-inducing acts from your past, but you can move forward from here with more awareness and take some simple steps to attract good Karma and a happier love life.

    Here are some hot tips for attracting good love karma...

    How do you guys feel about karma and love?

  • Karma affects everything we do.

  • This subject is complicated. Unfortunately, too many woman in a toxic relationship are self trapped by feeling they are somehow at fault. This is a slippery slope for those searching desperately for a reason for their unhappiness in love. They might use the karmic theory to validate that yes they are somehow deserving or at fault for their mates bad behavior. Specially since abusers are rarely all bad. They often live a double life of sometimes being on the surface a good person but suddenly not.. Abused woman will take the blame. They are often very good hearted compassionate people and they gather guilt for so many imagined things that healthy folks brush off. On that note, I hope any woman reading this topic and in an abusive relationship please do not believe you are putting out bad karma and getting back what you deserve!.I believe in reincarnation and have had a past life regression done once and became well aware of the Karmic tie between lifetimes. I learned that many of my relationships reappeared in other lives! Not always in the same way. I believe we do make karmic plans before each lifetime with other souls. It's a choice. Karma in love as a "GENERAL" law is not specific to love. Karma is a natural result of cause and effect. It also is part law of attraction. BUT If people think by just treating a person a certain way guarantees they will be treated equally with good karma, it just is not reality. Law of attraction is much more relative to how one loves themselves rather than how much they pour into another. Be kind to yourself, protect yourself, love yourself, forgive yourself, value yourself and THAT'S what LOVE KARMA is really about!

  • @blmoon Very astute and great perspective. Thanks for your input!

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    Thank you? I've been called many things but "astute " is a first! Sounds like an old professor looking dude with a stick up his ass! (Is that you Dorothy Parker messing with me?) Medium joke, she enjoys visiting and pointing out sardonic situations. I open my mouth and she insures something clever comes out. A poet's best friend.

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    Interesting article "hot tips for attracting good love karma"
    Pay Attention
    Behave Maturely
    Forgive Past Hurts
    Use Insight Tools
    Control Your Temper
    Think Positivey

  • The Law of Attraction and Karma are close cousins.