Yes/ y

  • Can anyone explain how you perform the yes:no reading. Also does anyone else’s use Faerie tarot? As this is the one I use. Thank you.

  • @luna-mairead
    Card pulls rarely reveal a yes no answer. They work best by helping you understand the current situation you are in, advice to help with a more productive perspective or at times they lift your Spirit in a way that opens up a more positive worldly view if you are stuck in a fear energy and there might be a shift of great news ahead. Asking for a yes or no excludes any real message you need that spirit considers important. BLESSINGS!

    I see the Moon Goddess card for you. Take advantage of the New moon's fertile ground. The focus is on creating, the power of visualization. You have all the power you need. Avoid searching outside yourself. Avoid too much analytical thinking yet keep a head on your shoulders regarding affairs of the heart. This is not a time to neglect your creativity. Speak up more. You stand out yet are not always comfortable with that. You are sensual but as well censor yourself at times. Be true to's not a fault to be POWERFUL and magnetic. It's a gift that can lead others to productive places. Avoid relationships that are insecure or possessive. You are loyal yet you belong to the world and can not dim your magnetism or sensuality without losing yourself. A mate for you must know and love that side of you with confidence in your bottom line loyalty. In general, you must have a strong sense of confidence because you will get flack for who you are. You are different and it is a GIFT!

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