Sagitarious men


  • My only experience of a Sag man was the one who said he loved me a lot but still stayed with his girlfriend, even while trying to remain in contact with me. (I didn't allow it!)

  • Inquiry-mind My dad was a November born Sag and he was the most loyal and devoted Father and husband. He was a family man. Very loving and caring. Until his death.

    On the other hand My cousin sister's husband is a December Sag. He is a serial cheater and abusive. From the starting of their marriage he used to sneak around.

    So my point is there is good and bad in every sign.

  • Cheating is not a zodiac thing in general. I think some signs have a more challenging time of it but my Sag son has always been a non cheater and in fact has stuck by cheating mates.... he's so forgiving. And I have Sag friends who as well are very committed. As for loving more than one , we all are capable of loving more than one person but we choose whether to stay committed or indulge. Expecting a mate to not feel outside attractions is expecting too much. Expecting a mate to not act on their attractions is the most we should expect. People who repeatedly cheat on all their relationships have an earthly wound that plays out in an unhealthy way and that is not zodiac determined. On occasion a person may have a problem in their birth chart that creates a challenge. Sometimes a relationship comes for growth reasons or sometimes an otherwise faithful person really does go as far as he should with a mate yet is destined for another. Any sign that has a consistent cheating problem it is more an issue with commitment, intimacy, or they are just plain self destructive.

  • I dont know

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