Is he coming back or is it someone new coming in?

  • Hi guys,

    Did a 3 card love reading with the Rider waite deck. Very new at reading so need some feedback/help! I asked if a past lover was coming back or was someone new entering my life. I got the fool, followed by the 7 of pentacles, followed by the empress reversed. I asked clarification on the empress reversed and the death and ace of cups flew out, both upright. This is what I felt/read: The fool represents my past lover coming back. Kinda guy who doesn’t want to commit, he’s all over the place, but suddenly wants to stand still (because the future of the card is ground therefore stability) and being the fool, he realized he might passed on “the one”. Fool
    being very out of nowhere and starting something new, something unpredictable. The following is the 7 of pentacles, where the ground continues (beginning and past of the card). He seems to have someone right now, (pentacle solo at bottom) but is unhappy/bored with her and he’s looking back at one pentacle of his past (being me) that he realizes he was happier with me. The empress reversed for me is infertility or a woman having the need of being nurtured (this would be me). But I felt I needed clarity on this specific card and thats when the death and ace of cups card popped out. This for me represented that our time of separation is over (death card/new beginning) because he will be back to start something new (ace of cups) with me. Now, being the positive person that I am, does my reading make sense or am I creating something I wish for? Thanks guys for helping a newbie 🙂

  • @lisa_pacifica you are reading what you want to see. This happens when we try to read for ourselves about something we are emotionally attached to. What I got from the cards is that someone new can’t come in until you let go of the past.

  • @lisa_pacifica
    I did a psychic read of your card pull and what I see is the irony of your question. As if the past man or a future man will make a difference. The fool sees the folly of your misconception of a choice. The empress reversed does not have the present power to rise above the past man so either way the next man will be the same kind of man. Same man. Same unresolved issues. The relationship will present the same problems. The death card clarifies the call for a change in yourself. Something must end. Watergirl is right. The past must heal before anything new can enter..

  • @blmoon thanks! And what about the ace of cups next to the death card?

  • @lisa_pacifica Death is a release of the past..Ace of Cups is the new love that will follow.