Help with an Aries man

  • So I just got out of a 10 year relationship and met this hot Aries man online. We hit it off and started dating. Things moved pretty fast. He got into a car accident and was left without a car so he started staying with me to get to and from work. We’ve been together everyday for almost 2 months. Things are fun and flirty. We have amazing sex but lately I’m bothered by his lack of affection. Lately it’s like the honey moon is over. It’s almost like he is my roommate more than my lover. So today I asked him what is the deal. Now he says he isn’t looking for a relationship. I’m a cancer so I’m very needy. I want love and affection. Sometimes maybe a little to much but I’m just curious if I should even continue with this. Why are Aries men so cold sometime. ![alt text](image url)

  • Not so cold but very independent and hate clingy people.

  • Drea2018 Aries man and Cancer woman relationship can be very challenging. Aries are independent and hates being tied down. They are energitic, aggressive and fiery .On the other hand Cancerians are homely and family oriented.
    Aries may look down upon a cancer as needy and clingy.
    If you want to have a healthy relationship with an Aries then you will have to give him lots of space and freedom.

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