Missing my virgo ex boyfriend

  • We was together for 4 months and everything was great we loved each greatly. But when I came to his state to live because I was trying leave my abusive husband. I get to his house and I thought everything was fine. First thing he told me to go to a shelter with my 5 kids. So the first week we was broke up we was talking everyday and still telling each other we love each other. So then towards the end of the week came he said he was busy and I got mad. But then 2 days ago I texted him for the first time in 3 weeks and I asked him please talk to me. I just need to know what? So he told me and first thing is I lied and second thing is I didn't leave his house the way it was when I got there. Then he said he couldn't deal with my son disrespecting me on top of it. Then he said that I should get my self together and get my family straight. Does that mean he will come back in the future? And what I do to get him back? I love him really deeply. Does he still love me? And does he miss me? We talked about getting married. I purposed and he purposed 2x. I miss him so much. Please help.

  • Actions speak louder than words - you have gotten involved with a guy who doesn't want to make a serious commitment to you or your children. He is gone for good!

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