Are You Compatible with a Scorpio??

  • Scorpio is a deeply emotional and passionate sign that has a lot to offer in a relationship! But not everyone can handle their intensity and lack of trust. See here if YOUR sign is compatible with a Scorpio.

    I've dated one Scorpio before and he must have had more planets in Sagittarius because he was a pretty perfect Scorpio/Sagittarius blend. But this Love Compatibility Meter is pretty spot on!

    While we were dating, one of the biggest issues we had was communicating our feelings. As an Aries, I'm very open and direct about how I'm feeling, where I'm at in the relationship, and what my expectations are. He would internalize his emotions and expectations and almost test me to try to gauge how the relationship was going... Thankfully we realized these differences pretty early on and were able to agree to be friends instead.

    Does this Love Compatibility Meter ring true for you?? Have you had successful relationships with Scorpios?

  • Well, dear staff writer, I guess I will bite. Yes, the Scorpio Taurus short bit of insight is accurate. My life has been well versed in Scorpio. A Scorpio mate, two Scorpio sons and many important influential Scorpio friends. In fact if I'm at a party or an event and there's a Scorpio there, we will most definitely meet magnates! Geminis as well are one of my magnet signs but with different agendas. All signs have different levels of bottom line weaknesses and I mention that only because Scorpios are definitely the sign to not forget that as a Scorpio who is NOT more evolved is a very dangerous animal. Think sheep in wolves clothing. A highly evolved Scorpio mentor will be the opposite, loyal to the max and a most disciplined leader. They are masters of their ego! Those folks, if you are lucky to have their love and respect are masters at all they put their energy into. I am blessed! The one's you do fall for who have NOT mastered their ego will teach you a lot! To make it work means rising above your own ego power leaks. If you are looking for an easy peasy soul mate prince charming white picket fence perfect marriage leave the Scorpios be. Find yourself a straight and narrow no surprises Capricorn. But then don't be sad face looking out your perfect window and dreaming about a bigger passion outside your safe fence. Passion has it's two sides. All things have their pros and cons. Passion will rocket jet your bed to the moon and it will also burn down your house. No, Scorpios are not for the weak. My Scorpio mentors have changed my life. I call them the bridges to higher places. The females are strong can do it all mothers who help you grow wings and the men will open doors to places you never knew you belonged. These are friendships of the deepest spiritual kind. The men friends will be the first to be there for you in a TRUE life hit but never bother them with little dramas . And never forget their need for space. I have seen so many people misjudge a very good Scorpio man when surprised by that sting when they inadvertently stepped over a Scorpio boundary. A highly evolved Scorpio is a generous giver who will remain anonymous on every gift. They will put strangers they believe in through college but from a distance. For me, I'm blessed, with gratitude, for my Scorpio bonds. But marriage to one is a whole different set of survival skills. If you are driven to grow on all levels a Scorpio will definitely provide you with that boot camp of inspiration. Lessons learned "the hard way" are often the most effective.

  • @blmoon My Scorpio is the best thing which happened in my life unfortunately he was married. We broke up twice and the second time was so painful that fear ruled my emotions. I decided to try again one meeting at a time but lacked the courage to communicate the information to him.

  • @Jayann loving a scorpio is a very passionate feeling. In my humble opinion you must confess your feelings to your scorpio dont be scared to open up as scorpios love open communication. They are very private creatures but once you make them open up to you they will reciprocate. Break the ice. Good luck👍🏻

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