Tell me about my love life??

  • @jaanvi hello i’ve been dealing with a separate in the old man going on two years I love him to death I know he loves me he went from living with each other because of the kids two separate household I know the universe implants this October has been really rocky his birthday is July 28, 1981 mine is January 27, 1985 I love this man to death I just need some help in guidance

  • Mrs.Aquarius, Jaanvi is also asking for help, not giving it. But I am looking at your relationship with your partner and seeing that love here can be difficult. At its best, the relationship can be challenging, attentive and adventuresome, but at its worst it will be impatient, resentful and over-reaching. The two of you are very opposite in attitude, desires and temperament. Thus you will have trouble supplying the deep understanding and patience that your partner needs, yet you may expect him to be very attentive to you - a trait that can arouse his resentment. Marriage however can be more successful than a love affair. Your hard-working partner can find your normally light, enthusiastic mood pleasant to come home to, and you will appreciate the capable and dependable shoulder that he can offer you to lean on. This relationship manifests a powerful attention to detail and to keeping wayward elements under control. Yes, the conflict between your personalities can cause difficulties and conflicts, yet the intensity it generates can often be made to serve useful ends. Even though your partner is governed by his enthusiasms and impulses and you think and act with your head, the relationship can display emotional and free-flowing energies. Your partner can be amazed at your natural intelligence, but he likes to feel he is the boss and he will occasionally feel some resentment that you have to work less hard than he does to learn, think or acquire knowledge. You, on the other hand, may depend heavily on his steadfast strength, and on his ability to handle almost any situation that arises. Compensating for each other’s weak spots is one of this relationship’s greatest talents, in fact. Thus, research, ideas, planning and development are particularly suitable areas for you, while financial matters are best left to your partner, or to a good adviser, since this area is not usually one of your strengths. Advice: Spend more time and energy on personal matters. Cultivate patience and understanding with each other. Bear in mind that showing affection is an obvious sign that you care. Accept that everyone, even you, has limitations.

  • Jaanvi, if you give me your date of birth, I can see what is holding you back from finding love.

  • @thecaptain how can i get my own. Reading

  • @meme - start a new thread and include your date of birth.

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