Some advices/Reading about relationship?

  • It has been a confusing few months and I want to know what may lies ahead? Thank you!
    My DoB: 30/12/1995
    His: 01/04/1991

  • This can be a good friendship, but it will struggle to last as a love relationship. Please consider whether the 'cons' outweigh the 'pros'. Questions of leadership and acceptance are paramount in this relationship and are likely to require a drastic sort of solution. The unity of this relationship will lie in a dynamic in which both partners have the strength and wisdom to carve out your own unquestioned domains, in the form of physical locations, duties, functions or activities in which one person can be autonomous and the other party has virtually no say. This might seem selfish or limiting, but it may also save the relationship by removing the conflicts which are bound to arise if you are in a position of authority over your partner - for example, in a boss-employee relationship or a parent-child type of love affair (as he can behave rather childishly or naively at times). In the early years of such a relationship, your dominance may provide your partner with the security and structure he so badly needs, but sooner or later his opposition and rebelliousness against any tyrannical tendencies will inevitably be aroused. Should he try to be the boss in the relationship however, your more passive and dutiful tendencies may bring a degree of harmony and effectiveness, as long as your partner acts responsibly and sensibly. If he proves ineffectual in taking charge of the relationship, however, you will usually be prepared to take over the decision-making functions. Marriage or a love affair here is not especially recommended however, since you will usually seek in some way to limit or modify your partner's individuality and freedom, something he will be unable to accept. In the emotional sphere, the two of you are unlikely to share any expression of really deep feelings. Friendship is probably the best bet since it will circumvent many of the conflicts found in a more intense love relationship. .

  • @thecaptain I see. We were really good friends, and decided to date. However we broke up after few months and now rebuilding friendship. I do love and care about him a lot and I knew he felt the same but somehow it’s not working out. Not sure what to do next.

  • I need a reading done I don’t know what to do about my situation with my family please tell me what’s going on what I need to do what to look out for who to look out for should I move forward or should I try to save my family my date of birth is 11-06-80 his is 05-28-79 I can’t tell if he really loves me or if he’s just play with me all this time we have a daughter now after so many years together thank you

  • @thecaptain hi I’m really not sure how this goes but I need some advice/reading done I don’t know what to do about my current situation with my family we have a daughter he doesn’t wanna change so I asked him to leave we miss him very much he doesn’t seem to wanna straighten up for as though what do I do how do I know if he’s generally or sincerely cares about me I know he loves my daughter but I’m not sure that we care enough to be together still which road do I take his birthday is 05 – 28-79 mine is 11-06-80 thank you

  • I am actually going through the same thing with a Leo man with the universe in the full moons phones are always fresh starts so what I’ve been doing is reconsidering being friends first and working on being friends and then play it by ear

  • KTOO, if you value the friendship, keep it. But if you want more, it will not end well.

  • @srod18, this relationship is apt to provide you both with an opportunity to become more open-minded. If you are up to the task, it could open you up to a whole new world, including the visionary or psychic. If the two of you can get beyond your individual differences, you can enjoy an unusually colourful journey together. In matters of love, rivalries may arise here over the affection of a common object of desire. Although both of you have an excellent sense of humour, together you may lack the ability to stay balanced. Competition between you can thus prove deadly serious. Marriage or a love affair, then, is not really recommended, since the prevailing mood can be one of mistrust. Harmony will be served if you can leave each other secure in your own value, resisting any impulse to try to tear down each other’s character. You two share a certain sensitivity, meaning both that you can be responsive to each other’s needs and also, unfortunately, that you can often get on each other’s nerves. Should competition arise, the very insight into character that in other contexts has proved a strength can in this relationship become a weapon each of you uses to achieve selfish ends. Unless the two of you are irreparably divided by age or cultural background however, you can work well together, have a successful relationship, or even just be friends who work together in the same career. Awareness of the other person’s orientation, opinions and strengths is essential to the success of this relationship. Advice: Try to tone down rivalries and arguments. Agree to compromise. Deal with irritations promptly. Put sensitivity in the service of understanding.

    You SROD18, tend to be attracted to people who are unobtainable and aloof or free spirited and unrestrainable. This is your way of protecting yourself, but as an approach to love it can be damaging. You need to take a good long look at what you can have; and with your charming and attractive personality, when it comes to affairs of the heart you can have a lot. But you can have trouble dealing with disappointment. So you must try to remain optimistic and uplifting in any situation as this is your best trait. Also a little realism and practicality will allow you to make better life decisions and choices.

    Your partner tends to bore easily and will find it hard to remain with someone or in a situation that is unchanging or dull. Novelty, adventure and the excitement of the new is what he craves so he is not easily tied down or made responsible. He can be reckless, impatient and hasty but he does need to slow down and simplify his life. In love, just as in other areas of his life, rushing tends to be a problem for him. He believes in love at first sight, and may rush into relationships and marriage far too quickly, only to discover further down the line that there are basic incompatibilities. Once he learns to slow down his frenetic pace, however, he can make a loyal and exciting partner (though this is not likely to happen until he is in his fifties). A free spirit, he will thrive best with someone who adores him but never tries to control him and who can be always interesting and lively in their conversations and attitude.

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