Best matches for aries women?

  • My sun sign is a cancer, my moon sign is a aries, & my rising is a gemini.

    The aries seems to fit me the most, so I was just wondering which signs seem to be the most compatible with aries women?

  • christmasinjuly,

    there are alot of factors involve, both sun sign, rising sign, moon sign,

    i am a aries female, but my rising sign is cancer, and i have had a lot of different relationship with cancer, from mother, to husband, to friends, right now we are about to enter cancer, and have about five birthdays coming up,

    if you are in a relationship and want to make sure get a compability match!

    i think you were the one who ask what happens when fire and water mix?

    on the forum, you could look up all things aries!

    blessings and light to u!

    hope u find the answers u are looking for

  • (I am an aries sun/pisces rising/taurus moon) I think you should not dismiss your sun & rising signs....Gemini shares a lot of aries traits,fire sign/ pioneering spirit/fast talkers/....personally, I love Gemini-in relationships of all types,minus romantic!,we are always simpatico.......Your rising sign is Gemini, so the way others see you is probably hell & gone from how you really are.....deep down-one to one-you're a sensitive feeler,you want to fix or help or take care of the weaker/more F-ed up person in your relationships....with a rising sign of Gemini-well, you just added at least 2, but probably more like 7 more facets of your personality....back to your an Aries to the bone....Taurus men,oh baby,(but they can be cheaters-if you're young,good luck),LEO..LEO....LEO...ooohhhhhh,whatta man/probably THE BEST match,if you like a guy who loves YOU/and sadly Sagittarius, something about them,so good ( they are hot lovers )but they love to cheat on sucks,but with all of these guys, their rising signs, and other aspects will color the sign they were born under...

  • @ eweNme - I dont know. My mom & dad are both geminis, my brother has a gemini moon, & two of my closest friends are geminis & they dont act anything like the aries people I know. I guess its the whole gemini being an air sign & aries being a fire sign, the geminis dont see to get mad very often compared to the aries. Like me, personaly, my anger can flare up real quick & I'll be mad till I confront my problem. I cant stand it when people avoid conflicts, while as my two gemini friends avoid confllicts by all costs. And I love romance. I'm a sucker for it, but I'm not one of those girls that will become putty in a guys hand for giving me a rose. I LOVE arguing & toying with guys I like though.

    I guess I'm a pretty easy person to talk to since most people who first meet me dont have a problem opening up to me. It's true I do take up for weaker people. I wont let someone pick on someone smaller or defencless.

    LoL I always seem to find myself with scorpios around. I didnt know if that'd be a good match since my sun sign is a cancer, but then I dont match up with a cancer personality all that much. Like I've heard most cancer girls are clingy & want to be told compliments constantly & be told how much their loved. I like hearing compliments every now & then, but if I hear compliment after compliment over & over from the same guy the same day, it annoys me for some reason. And I dont like clingy guys. The main way to make me mad is to invaid my space, especially when I want to be alone.

    Last year I was pretty close to a leo guy. But the problem was that he wasnt ever honest about anything & he was always flirting with EVERYONE. He'd dated afew of my friends in the past so I wouldnt date him regardless, because I dont date my friends ex's. But no matter how many times I'd tell him NO, he's keep asking me out. I loved how funny & outgoing he was, but truth be told, he practicely smothered me sometimes. I need my own space sometimes, * he never gave me any. Maybe I'll check out the other leo guys I know LoL.

    Aah! LoL Yeah I know how much Sagittarius guys like to talk. One of my guy friends talks WAY to much sometimes. He's one of the guys I know that'll give me compliment after compliment one after the other right infront of his girlfriend (who is my friend). But I dont seem to feel anything with most the sag guys I've meet.

    Taurus guys, they seem okay. I didnt know their sign was known for cheating. I thought they were suppost to be the most faithful, but then again most the taurus guys I know have cheated on their girlfriends.

    Oh yeah, what about Aries guys? I've heard aries girls & guys are most likely to marry each other. Is this true?

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  • Arieses usually marry other fire sign or airs signs though, right?

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  • LoL so in other words, cancer & leo could be a good match

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  • Aaw thanks for the help! :)(:

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