Aries men & women?

  • What are aries men & women like? Personality & characteristics I mean.

    If you are are aries, or have had a relationship with one, please tell me you story/knownledge about this sign 🙂 Thank you

  • i am an aries girl, and we are very passionate, independent, and hahaha we can't lie to save our lives. we come off very innocent and i know once i like someone- it's ALOT. i am fully 100% devoted. i love following my random impulses, adventure, and anything new. 😄 hope that helped!

  • Hi, I'm an Aries woman. I love being born under this sign. I am a loyal friend. Very passionate in my views of life, love and family. Aries people are very head strong and can be stubborn. Aries are quick tempered and yet just as fast, their anger leaves as quickly as it came. We are not one's to dwell on a situation. True problem solvers. The glass is always half-full as opposed to half-empty. We are believers in hope and faith. Always the first to lend a hand to a friend. Generous to a fault, we sometimes give of our time, money and energy to others before we think of ourselves and not always think of the outcome. Not playing the tape all the way through, can be a downfall, meaning we can overextend ourselves by burning the candle at both ends. Prone to head injuries, we are very athletic in sports and very competitive. Aries people stand out in a crowd. Have very strong auras. Do you know someone who is loud, full of life and laughter and usually surrounded by others? They're probably an Aries.

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  • Hi ChristmasinJuly,

    Like your name. Assume you're a July Cancer. Both my husband and my adult son are Aries and have similar traits. Both have big hearts and are very compasionate toward others. Both are intelligent, focused and goal oriented. My husband is competitive and a natural leader which is a common aries trait. However, I've not seen this in my son yet & it developed in my husband as he matured. I noticed someone here said Aries cannot lie. I don't feel this to be true as I find they are very good at it. However, to them telling a lie is usually for a good reason & no malice involved. They do like adventure & new things. They can be a little frivolous with spending. Most of the traits I've mentioned are common for an Aries' nature but as you know, the chart and environmental influences determine more.

    @DaytonaDancer, "proned to head injuries". Sorry to laugh at this but it just sounded so funny.

  • well, it may not be the case for all aries but i know i definitely cannot lie, me emotions are always all over my face and my heart on my sleeve. perhaps it has something to do with my pisces rising? and i agree with you about everything you stated about aries, i recognize aloooot of that in me as well as my aries family members and friends. 🙂

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