Recurring Dream- would like another viewpoint

  • I so wish there was a forum for dreams...

    I keep dreaming of being back with my ex husand and trying to get him out of my life all over again, in the lastest dream him pulled a tree out of a garden that I had worked very hard on then replaced it with one I didn't want and burned the birch I had. The garden is real but we've been split for 8 years and it was very hard to get him out- I had alot of help from my mom whom I love dearly. This was the first time that I actually did kick him out in the dream and he wrote something to the extent tha I could now go riding Charlotte a non existant horse.

    Normally I would dream of not being able to get him out if I was starting a new relationship but I am single right now and planning on staying that way or rather enjoying my singleness so I'm surprised that I've recently had a few reccuring dreams about him lately.

    Thanks to anyone that can help!! Peace-

  • Hi Bighorn!

    The ex sunk deep into your subconscious. No surprise there after being together and then working hard to break free from the relationship.

    Starting with the birch tree --- I assume its white or the one that is greyish but in a certain light, shimmery copper or yellowish. ( i'm terrible with remembering names!) The tree color matters a bit a far as a way to judge your own healing; colors you can research. A birch is very responsive to its environment and this is a positive sign of growth. (Example: an oak stands tall and stubborn.)The tree/planting represents you trying to get you feet under you again and gain your roots. (deep sense of self, separate from unnecessary feelings created due to ex) The act of him pulling it up and burning is very aggressive and angry. Was this how you began to see him and how his actions made you feel? Also, could it be that he represents Your thoughts as 'he' pulls up and burns the tree? Meaning --- you're trying to yank his image out and be done. ? Work on letting go of bitterness, or anger or whatever keeps the ex stuck in this mode in your mind.

    Riding the horse --- again, look up what color? Anyway, it is a positive sign of movement ---- moving forward, gaining power & mental health.

    The Best part ---- You are dreaming of him at a different time period --- being single --- than is your norm .... And, tossing him out! When you're in a new relationship, old worries get brought to the surface because of the ex and you can't seem to break free ( get him out)

    This dreams images are pretty positive overall. They point to how far you have come and how far you can go. My thought is staying single, right now, will help you get in touch with you, heal more and find strength as you grow in the sun.


    PS. There's something about birch trees in Celtic tales .... i just don't remember.

  • Hello Bighorn, I saw on the Michele Knight website - they have someone called Dreamwalker who is brilliant on dream analysis. He is a professional and he will help you, join the site and it's a matter of joining his Dream analysis group. Good luck!

  • To start sorry I took so long to reply, I've been a busy girl but I really appreciate the external input.

    Laie4, the birch was/is just a baby, in the dream it was a bit bigger and a dark silver, not the usual birch colour and it had 3 stalks. The most relevant part was that the roots were burned so I couldn't even try to replant it and the tree that he replaced it with was something I didn't want. I see more after thinking about it and I agree with your insight, he's an abusive alcoholic that never hit me, that's why I stayed. I stood by a choice that I made, I thought I could help, make a positive didn't work. We lived together for 10 years and sometimes it would seem to improve but progressively got worse, it's a life he grew up with and he just didn't understand that what he was doing was wrong. I always felt like he crushed my soul and I've been trying to pick up the pieces ever since but there's still a few missing. As it stands because of that and a few other negative experiences I am not a fan of men and I don't want to think that way but I am still trying to figure out how not to when all I see are liars and cheats. As time goes I find a little more of myself that I lost but there's more to find, I miss having hope. Thank you again, I will try to find the celtic information, I know I have a book somewhere...I've always had a tie there, not sure why, their music always makes me cry...hmmmm

    Intrigued, thank you also, I'll check that out.

  • Hi there, saw your post and found it interesting that this type of recurring dream has been a part of my life for nearly 30 years, since I separated and was divorced. This is such a wonderful dream!

    I look at ripping out the tree as the sense of concern that you would loose your foundation. The established tree being replaced by one that is not your choice and your concern that you would 'trade' the successful growth that you have nurtured for something that is inferior /not your choice. The burned roots add to the urgency to reconcile how important it is to affirm nurturing your self, determine your fundamental beliefs and nurture them as well. And finally, to bring those people into your life that will also nuture your values.

    I believe that the dream time is a time we can explore within ourselves safely the choices we do/have/may make. I suggest that you find it comforting that when 'offered' the opportunity through your dream to reconcile a relationship that is not supportive/nurturing you are alarmed enough to affirm the choice you made in real life.

    As to the nature of the marriage/husband that has prompted these dreams,my belief is that we bring to us the projects that are insured to prompt growth. Am guessing that if your husband had been even a little less abusive you might have endured that marriage even today. So, the blessing is that the situation was strong enough to inspire you to become your own advocate rather than forgetting your own needs/soul. (When you say the marriage felt soul crushing, I am certain it felt that way - and yet, you mustered the soul strength to survive and grow. What magnificent strength of soul.)

    Am guessing that another issue that may have nothing to do with marriage/romance came up shortly before the dream - you may have been challenged but blew it off unawares that this was a growth issue for you. The dream comes to remind you to look at your everyday boundries and determine how you will secure them/nurture your self/soul.

    Remember, this is your life and you are the star. Your dreams are all you, all about you. This is a really great dream. To me, all the challenges speak to your successes asking you to affirm that you are interested in continuing to succeed/live well and prosper.

  • Hey Bighorn!

    Music that brings tears ---- beautiful --- connects us to our hearts and each other ---- love that!

    You've answered your self : ) My response gave you a starting point and This response from you puts it together. This is dream analysis! You can search for dream interpretation as a starting place, but it all comes down to what the whole picture means to you.

    Dreams, in part, come from our thoughts and feelings. What I find most important in what you wrote in relation to this dream is your sense of 'crushed soul' and missing pieces. Your sense of being lost comes from giving a part of you (soul) over to him ( codependent) and now that he's out of your life your missing parts of you. You will continue to attract or only see around you liars & cheats until you build up self-esteem. Others can't fill those missing parts or holes in you ---- You can!

    Your dream is showing you all this. I take it as a HUGE Leap forward, even given the awful images because you are helping your self see the past. ( look to your childhood and look into co-dependency) Once someone acknowledges their part in a relationship, with all the good and bad, they begin to stop pointing a finger, so to speak, at another and examine themselves. You are doing this and it'll help heal you and hopefully, not make the same choice in a partner again. Good for you!

    Thanks for writing down more of the dream ….. if you put it together with the above maybe you get the same picture I get. It goes back to roots and getting him out of your heart and mind so completely you can sink yourself back into the real you ---- healthy enough to grow. The number three is a Big Hint ----showing you a positive image again. Look it up, if you haven't already!

    Really, you are showing yourself ---- you have all to fill your soul and be stronger! Your understanding will be more complete, but my quick summation: Destroying the old ( fire) will lead to rebirth ( tree) and recognition of your own power(horse) combine this with what you find on three. You'll see its a good dream, a way to heal ---- Guaranteed!

    Peace & Joy!

    ~ Laie4

  • : > ) I posted and saw CarrollK's response to you! : > ) See, lol ! we're in agreement, lol ! Its all good!

  • You're welcome Bighorn, it will be so worth it. He uses cards too, to help make more sense of your dream/path. 😄

  • This is why there should be a forum for dreams!!! So much valid information, synchronicity anyone?? lol

    Intrigued, what a great website!! I kept getting the same cards and runes on the home page and I'm going to need months to check the other stuff, I'm very happy I signed up for that and I know others that will benefit from it too. Thanks!!!

    CarrollK- I'm curious what made you post that pic, it's perfect- I'm an Aries so the fire is so appropriate (I have pisces in my mercury, moon and jupiter though, another reason why my dreams are important.) and the lotus- a beautiful bloom that can live in the dirtiest water and will still be beautiful...Laie4, the birch is used in natural medicine and magic, the twigs used for witches brooms to sweep away negitivity, that was what I had forgotten, thanks for reminding me!

    Sometimes it takes another viewpoint to see the positive, or just to ask- it's great to be reminded. About 6 months ago I was having a hard time appreciating what I had and asked for help. I ended up rolling my car after losing control on an icy road. I did very well, that showed me I'm a good driver, the police and tow driver were suprised I went as far as I did. I went through some posts, (deep ditch) spun and rolled, the back end of my car hit a large tree. I found it kind of interesting hanging from my seatbelt then sitting on the ceiling of my car so I sat there for a bit just to observe. lol After climbing out and got to the road my phone starts to ring and it's my mom, talk about timing! after when I went to clean my car out I remembered what was in it- I'm a rock collecter so I had many rocks (I drove a wagon so no real trunk) and my brother had just given me 3 swords he had come across. ( collect them too) So basicly I should be dead. I appreciate that I'm still alive and am reminded to be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. I did!!

    So thanks to all, this has triggered many things that I needed to be reminded of, much appreciation! Peace and Love!

  • Bighorn - I am really pleased to hear that you signed up for that other website, great news! Hope you enjoy it.

  • Thanks I am, I've had some dreams that seem to show that I'm getting a little further in the appropriate direction. I'm figuring out the what, it's the how that I need to figure out.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Bighorn ...... just had to add another positive for u .... I adore Aries and have a saying along these lines .... god watches out for babies, fools and Aries! I've often gotten a chuckle out of these Arien personalities and the situations they find themselves in .... Aries gravitate to me & I to them .... many friends, my mom & my ex-husband! You'll be well and travel all the way out of this. Best wishes & Hugs! ~ Laie

  • So good to know the positive connections for you from everyone/every direction. I have studied astrology for over 40 years. Saw the flaming lotus a while back and decided to save it for one of those 'rainy day' projects. When I saw you are an Aries and the transformative dream you posted, it just seemed right.

    In response to your post knowing where you're headed working on the how. There is an old astrological axuim that says to follow your heart. The sun rules the heart. Your sun in Aries gives you the inspiration to be an individualist. So where you go/how you get there may not be a path forged by many before you. Follow your heart, what resonates to you, what feels good in the doing and you will know you are on your path, in your how.

    Your post is the first one I have looked at or responded to. Believe in synchronicity. Looks like the universe is still working. So good to see that you are pulling together the threads of your experiences into your growth/successes. Way cool!

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