Where is my life headed? reading please

  • I've been trying to spend more time focusing on myself & what I want for a change. I've grown quite a lot spiritually which is enhancing my healing abilities & my sense of well being. I'd like a general reading to see how I'm doing & (of course as most of us want to know) if you see a man in my near future. DOB 3/4/1959 thanks in advance for your time & energy on my behalf 🙂

  • Hi amused,

    I've done a tarot reading for you.

    Mother of Stones...perception

    The Tower...demolition

    Ten of Cups...success

    Daughter of Wands...luxury

    extra card regarding love life

    3of Wands reversed...swiftness

    My interpretation of these cards is as follows...

    Your a charitable soul who has an evolved consciousness. A down to earth woman who appreciates tradition. You have recently gone through a period of turmoil and as a result of this experience have worked to drop some emotional baggage. You are now in a period of reconnecting to your old self. You will find success in what really matters to you. In the near future you will find a renewed eagerness and excitement for life. There will be opportunities to have more fun. Now is not the time to rush into a relationship. Go on dates, have fun, be the life of the party. Let love find you. It will soon enough.

  • Hi manifestdreams, I was wondering if you might do a reading for me. Love life of course isn't that all the rage. My dob is 2/10/67. Just curious if I have already met him, someone from my past, or will it be someone new? Thanks in advance if you have the time.

  • Hi Manifestdreams,

    Thanks. I'm ok with dating for now & I do feel as if all is starting to fall into place.


  • Hi manifestdreams, I was wondering if you might do a reading for me. I would like to know what is in store for me in the way of love. My dob is 2/18/58. Just curious if I have already met him, someone from my past, or will it be someone new? I do have this guy that I feel is interested

    but has not made a move to ask me out. I am not sure if he wants to be friends or would like more. Thank you for you time and consideration to this matter.

    Light and Love

  • Hi Cateyedaquarian,

    I did a tarot reading for you.

    Mother of Swords...mystery

    8 of Stones...knowledge

    3 of Cups reversed...overflowing

    2 of Cups...love

    I interpret these cards to mean the following...

    You a perceptive and intelligent woman, an upfront person that values that in others. You are quick witted and funny. You need to take a level headed approach when it comes to decisions about your love life.There is someone around you now that you either have or could have a relationship that is based on sex. In the near future you are going to have a serious love relationship. The sexual relationship could turn more serious but I tend to think it will be someone new that will come into your life.

  • Hi manifestdreams, could you do an overall reading for me also as so much seems to be going on for me atm. I was born dec 56. Thanks x

  • Hi Khemosabie,

    I've done a tarot reading for you.

    The Hanged Man reversed...uniqueness

    5of Wands reversed...defeat

    2of cups reversed...love

    6 of Wands...victory

    I interpret these cards to mean the following...

    You need to make more of an effort in choosing who you get involved with. In the past you probably were in a codependent relationship. The relationship turned into a battle of who is right. Don't fall into the trap of being a martyr again. 2 of Cups reversed points to a divorce or separation. Some of this energy is still with you. Let go completely of the feeling of being wronged. You are almost there. Your near future shows victory in love. I feel that there will be two men interested in you so choose wisely.

  • Hi Azure,

    I've done a reading for you.

    The High Priestess...meditation

    6 of Swords reversed...science

    The Hanged Man reversed...uniqueness

    6 of Stones reversed...success

    I interpreted these cards to mean the following...

    You are highly intuitive. Now is the time to use that intuition and look inward. Let yourself be comfortable with mystery. Someone from your recent past may not have told you everything, facts are hidden from your sight. There is someone that is not willing to make an effort, they won't make sacrifices. Be careful with your finances at this time. Now is not the time to be spending money. It sounds as though you really need to look out for yourself right now. I feel that you are in a transition period. There are some changes going on that are hard to take but will ultimately move you on to a happier place.

    Hope this made some sense to you.

  • Hi manifestdreams, yes it does make sense..............but, I always get worried when so many of my cards come up reversed? Thank you for taking the time to do this for me. Do I have any guides who could help me now? x

  • Yes. There are always guides helping us. Try to meditate and ask for guidance. I pulled a card regarding this and there seems to be a loved one on the other side willing to help. This would be a maternal figure like a mother, grandmother or aunt but they are not your typical cookie mom. This person was a bit of brawd so to speak. Kind of a forceful personality. Does that ring any bells?

  • Yes it does..........a grandmother whom I didn't really know.....died when I was a baby. But then there is the other one can't remember when she died didn't really like her anyway. Not too sure what brawd means speak uk english. Anyway you are right I should just meditate. Thanks x

  • Thank you for your time. The reading was right on. I have been divorced and have been very cautious and careful in dating. Don't want to make the same mistakes again. If I may, I would like to ask if you can give me some information on both or either one of the men that you state will be coming in my life. Plus suggestions on how to choose the best one for myself. Thank you again you are a angel sent from heaven.

    Light and Love

  • Hi Khemosabie,

    Thanks for the feedback. I get a sense that one of these guys has light to medium brown hair and a kind face. When I was doing these readings I remember thinking that someone was going to meet a guy at a sporting event but I don't remember if that was for you or Cateyedaquarian. I pulled a card to clarify and that pointed to school or study. So if you have a chance to go to a sporting event, possibly someones school event, or if there is a class you have been wanting to take, go for it. As far as how to choose...there is no need to make any quick decisions, that's what the dating process is for. Just make sure that whoever you share your time with always respects you.

  • Hello manifestdreams,

    I'm new to this forum but have felt a STRONG urge to become in touch with my spiritual side and have read some books and am trying but am not sure where to start. I really feel like I need someone to help guide me in the right direction. I also am familiar with the Tarot but having lost my deck and not having the money to replace it would love a reading if you have the time and energy. I would like to know if I'm on the right path spiritually and what I should do to get there also I have a true, true love who makes my heart flutter and swell when I think of him. I recently moved to AZ from PA and left him behind. I would like to know if we will be reuinted again and if it will work out? I'm crying as I type this cause I miss him so. Also, I just posted about a dream I had in the forum "Welcome here/ Divination" about a dream I had where I was astral projecting myself through a series of places.

    My birthdate is 01/06/1979 I was born in CA at 10:59am (don't know if you need all of this) and I'm a female. I would also like to know if I currently have a spirit guide with me now. Basically I'm looking for guidance on my life/spirituality path. Sorry for the long post and help would be VERY MUCH appreciated. Thank you



  • Thank you again for your time. You were right about a sporting event. I invited this guy that I know

    to go to a sporting event that my niece was involved in although he declined and stated maybe next time. He does have med brown hair and has a kind spirit although I feel like he is not sure of himself, isn't sure of me or something. Can you tell me what is blocking the situation and how to make it move forward. Thank you sooooo very much.

    Love and Light

  • Hey Manifestdreams,

    My birthdate is 01 march 1988, I was wondering if you could also give me some insight to my love life if you can, as I've been in love with someone for a couple of years now but hes cast me out, and just what is instore for me romantically, some insight into that would be highly appreciated, thank you. And also just my spiritual path, i know i am gifted but how can i strengthen this gift and is it just visions or something more? Also who my guides are?

    Thanking you kindly if you can or can not do the reading for me =)..


  • Hi Khemosabie,

    I feel like this isn't the type of guy that's going to rush into anything. He likes to know all the facts before he makes a move. You don't have to do anything to move it forward. Just let go of any expectations, open yourself up fully to the possibilities of love. Let go of any residual energy from past relationships. Tell yourself "I am a desirable woman and men are naturally attracted to me". Let him make the next move. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Men tend to move quicker if they feel that there might be a little competition. Good Luck.

  • Hi Msmaria,

    I have done a tarot reading for you.

    The Devil reversed...temptation

    3 of Wands...virtue

    3 of Swords...mourning

    Aeon reversed...rebirth

    I interpret these cards to mean the following...

    You tend to put others ahead of yourself. You see the best in people and help out without reward. You need to start being true to yourself. This is the challenge for you to start living up to your highest potential. The 3 of Swords card points to sadness over current events and being separated from those you feel you need. It seems to really fit your situation. The Wheel

    of Fortune reversed suggests that the situation will remain the same for a while. You fear this change. I pulled another card to see if you will be reunited with your guy in the distant future. This card suggested that you are putting a lot of energy into resisting what is to come. It is hard for you to give up the old life. You are hanging on to old familiar ways. There is a rebirth and renewal for you but you are fighting against it.

    Now I don't want you being depressed over this reading. I read your dream and I think that it points to a very spiritual and strong person. You have free will to try to make things turn out the way you want. And if your dream is any indication you have the determination to do so. However, I think the cards are saying if you let go there is something much better waiting for you. Trust the universe. I get a very good energy from you.

    You asked if you have a spirit guide. We always have spirit guides around willing to help, we are never alone. Just ask for help. I pulled a card on this that points to helping you feel hopeful about what is coming. All these cards indicate that you have good things wanting to come your way and the challenge for you is to trust that this is for your greater good and to not fear these changes.

    I wish you all the best.

  • Thank you so much for the reading. You were very accurate on so many levels. I DO find myself trying to "let go" and not resist but I don't know how. I just don't know how to. I've always been the one to be in control and "make things happen" and to step into uncertainity sounds mysterious and great but my need for "knowing" and/or control over matters hinders me. How do I relinquish and just allow myself to go into the uncertain future?

    The rebirth and renewal you spoke of and living to my highest potential, could that be my need and want to live a more spiritual life? I'll continue to meditate and ask for assistance and guidance with trusting in myself and it being for the greater good.

    Thank you soo much. You have helped me so much!

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