Cant figure it out - driving me crazy

  • I had an amazing relationship with a guy I'd been friends with for a short while first. we had instant chemistry but it seemed deeper than that, and we really conencted, anyway it only lasted a few weeks coz he had 2 move to another country for school . hes been gone a few weeks and i havnt heard anything from him. He seemed so into it before and we said wed stay in touch . I totally believed we would. i dont know if hes still thinkng of me or im just kidding myself. its driving me totally crazy,

  • Hi, Just based on what you mentioned here, it sounds as though it was a relationship in flight. I guess, you'll know more in a couple weeks. Either his life is rooted somewhere else and hasn't confronted the issue he left (you) or you won't hear from him. I feel he needs to settle down and speak w/you. Have you tried to communicate w/him. Because of the distance and other things maybe the best is to see him when he visits again. That may be the best in the long run. I would get on w/your life, though.

  • Thanks for replying-I think you might be right although Im a pretty good judge of character and it didn't seem like it was a fleeting thing. I guess I thought even though we'd never be a couple we'd at least keep in touch as friends so I'm surprised he hasnt contacted me even to say hey and what its like there etc .Anyway - I'd love a reading if there's anyone that can do it ! Thanx!!

  • Hi, I'm not minimizing the relationship. Just based on his circumstance, it may be the only solution at present. There probably is a possibility that you all will meet up again. If you didn't have a fairly long period together, it will be hard to maintain a relationship. That's what I mean by a relationship in flight. The short period of time that you knew him is probably the determining factor. Not you or he. It was rooted in friendship which is good. I would tell him that when he visits you'd like to see him.

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