Chris 1962..Would enjoy your input

  • Hi Chris, I would like you to comment on my situation. What is my situation. I feel stagnated. It's no fault of mine, I feel. It seems to be centered around work. I'm not exactly happy there but am happy that I do have a job. Occasionally get different job offers but nothing better. This hasn't affected my spiritual life as I feel I'm even more centered. What I seem to be learning is how many things in the business world revolve around greed. Even people professing to be Christians are sometimes the greediest. I want to get out of my present line of work and back into college for my masters. I have to straighten out some financial matters that may take about a year. I am caught-up in taking care of my basic needs at present. I'm not curious especially about a future love. I wouldn't be able to "go-there" unless this person was uniquely ready for a relationship. Hope I haven't stated too much. Can you help.

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