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  • A friend of mine overheard someone talking about me. When I have a problem w/someone I tend to look at the whole picture. Because I know this person well, it's easy for me to judge. I wonder, however, if this person is off. "Gee" got married this Spring. She has never lived with him--just on days off. She says she can't afford to live w/him because of bills so she lives w/her parents. Gee is over 50. Gee's daughter and child live w/Gee's parents also. Gee's new husband is retired and working full-time. He has his own house. My impression is that Gee wants to raise her granddaughter and that is why she won't live w/her husband. I have never talked/gossiped to anyone about her, but now I have the uncontrollable urge to. It seems, most people I come in conflict with are not even in control of their own lives. I view her as a negative person. I wish there is someway I could reconcile my thoughts about this. Maybe time is a healer.

    How can I handle this since I see this person often.

  • hi dalia

    my what a messed up relationship! just glad its her and not me LO

    i have many friends with relationship problems, all kinds of problems, and they are nice people but very negative. i try to be a friend to them but also try to keep my distance. i have found you can't work out everyone elses problems, even though you'd like to see everyone happy and living a good life.

    i know it probably bothers you that she talked about you, but am sure you are strong enough to let it go. i think that forgivness is the healer, and kindness is what wins people. she surely is in need of a person like you in her life. i don't want to judge her either, but have to wonder why she married in the first place?

    anyhow dalia, you just keep on being who you are, and everything happens because it's suppose to! people come and people go as we rub elbows in this life! sometimes the ones who need us the most are the most challenging!! xx

  • Thanks for the support Jayjune.

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