Chris1962 Could U do a reading for me please???

  • cris1962 I was thinking myself at that time that you might be picking up on someone else. And dear I eat a banana everyday. You know I have given messages before and I told one girlfriend when you hear me telling someone something and you think it might pertain to me just say Sherrie did you just hear what you said. And sure enough it would be for me. Well I will tell you I gave a message one time to a friend back in Calif. because I thought it was for her. She had a son whose birthday was Nov. 28th I was thinking and the message was that when its time everyone will be there. Well it wasn't for her but I didn't realize it for a whole year but it was telling my husband and I that it was his mom. She passed just before Mother's Day in May and it dawned on me in Aug. that it was telling us about his mom. So think nothing of that message not for me but for you. I am fine with it. Sometimes we need to hear them out loud. You delivered and you got it. Way to go. Thanks again. Much love to you.

  • Thank you LL, I've read it again and will read it again so I actually GET it! I'm glad you took this in the spirit it was given and I appreciate that very much indeed. Much love back to you my friend 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • LibrasLair Thank you for the you tube link it was very very inspirational for me. I plan on getting the book. 🙂

  • Your very welcome. I can't take the credit for that link because someone posted it on one of the other threads and I just thought you would like it too.

  • Hi cris1962

    you have an amazing ability that you selflessly share with others. People like you are angels that walk the earth. From reading this forum it seems that there are things in your own life you are trying to balance, so I wish you well with that.

    If you have a chance I would really appreciate a reading from you as you seem so on the mark by what others are saying on here.

    dob 2/26/72 and his dob 1/2/77. what do you see will happen over the next few months for myself and D?

    Love and light

    T xx

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