Chris1962 Could U do a reading for me please???

  • Hi Chris, I was wondering when you get the time if you could do a reading for me. My b-day is 11-10-1966 and my husband's is 2-15-1961. I am curious as to what your gonna come up with. Please tell what u see and do not hold anything back. Thanks

  • G'day Twiwi

    Thanks for asking me to read for you. Just hope it makes some sense!

    I'm getting that your husband is in a very pensive state of mind at the moment, almost secretive, and you are worried about this of course. You're wanting to take flight, so to speak, and so is he to a degree. I think you've both been talking about ending it, but neither of you really wants to deep down. He has a temper which flashes up quite often and can be frightening, and you tend to back away into a corner ... or leave the room 🙂 A wise move! But I don't get that he actually hurts you; rather he punches walls or similar. Or even disappears himself so he causes no harm to those in his immediate surrounds. I get that this temper has settled down some over the years, but he is still affected by it.

    I feel that you are both at a crossroads with this marriage - how long have you been married? I'm getting about 10-15 years roughly. Had you known each other prior to becoming a couple, like as school friends or sweethearts but your paths separated? Just getting that you've known him for quite a long time, or most of your life, but the real romance didn't happen for you both until quite a bit later.

    You're good friends and communicate well, but you seem to want more at this point. I'm getting the word "temptation" here, and I think it applies to you. I will say this: what is tempting you will only be a short term sort of fling or faddish thing. It is not good enough reason to end your marriage.

    I know there are things which seem insurmountable between you at the moment, but I can't see you actually ending it. There is a great deal of love there still, and I feel if you split up, this could be a mistake. I'll throw the cliche suggestion at you: counselling. I know that sounds pretty basic, but sometimes doing this just might bring things out into the open. If you are able to afford it and are both willing, I'd suggest you go separately to start with, then do it as a couple.

    Talk, talk, talk. You need to keep chatting. He's really hurting at the moment and I think it's to do with a long-standing family issue which he has not dealt with, and he knows he has to now. I realise you're a bit worn out by all this, but you're strong and I do feel that you're very devoted to him. And he you, even though it may not seem like it at the moment.

    So my parting message/s:

    Don't give up just yet; there is hope

    Remember the love you share and cling on to that; it will get you through

    Enjoy this "temptation" thing; treat it as a flirtation and something which makes you feel attractive. There's nothing wrong with that. Just don't look at it as the promise of something better in the long run, because it won't be.

    Keep talking

    Consider counselling

    I feel you think you're at the end of the road, and in a sense you are. Those things which've put a bit of a cloud over your marriage are now rearing their heads to be dealt with. Once they are out in the open, they'll eventually take flight and you'll be left with a much better relationship at the end of it.

    Y'know the word "soulmate" keeps coming up, so I believe that's what you are to each other. That, to me, says there is definitely hope for this partnership. You are both being tested, like about 99% of the population at the moment!

    Hope this sits well with you. And good luck to you both, but this marriage comes across to me as almost broken, but definitely worth the work to put it back together.

    Take care :)))

  • Hi cris1962

    I hope both of you dont mind me asking my question on here .. i couldn't find out how to work this thing ...

    Cris .. I hope and wish that you could do a reading for me .. I liked the way that you were so detail and straight foward with T ...

    My question, I'm a cancer, June 29, 84 and person in my life leo , july 27, 86 ,, now im in canada and hes in us , i'm wiling to do anything and everything for him i've never felt this way and really want things to work .. curious as to what you come up with ... thanks in advance much appreciated

  • Hi Chris, You are very detailed in your responses and it is a pleasure to read your work. Could you please do a reading for me? My birthday is 6/12/46 and I would like to know what you see in regards to finding a romantic love interest in the near future. I have spent the last couple of years working on me and healing from past entanglements and while much progress has been made, it is lonely here and any help you can divine would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

  • Good morning Chris. I see your busy on a few different threads. So I am very willing to wait till you recharge and are ready to do a reading for me. And let me just say I hope things are working out for you. I have had about 5 years of a lot of trials to get through. I would like to know what you feel is now coming for me what ever it may be I can handle it believe me. My dob is 10/18/48 and if time and place is of any help 10:30 a.m. Oklahoma City, Ok. And thank you so much ahead of time. Peace and harmony to you and yours.

  • Hi Chris,

    Sorry that I am getting back with you so late. Was really hoping for a better outcome. You are 100% on track, with everything. I have been very depressed lately, and I also feel like my hubby and I are at a crossroads. We are thinking about moving, so maybe that is where you see taking flight. But really none of us want to move. I just hope things start to get better at his job, so that we can stay where were at. I am going next week to look for a job, our finances at this point in time are very tight. Yes, he has somewhat of a bad temper, usually when this happens he leaves for a while or just wants to be left alone for the day. No hitting or hurting anyone. I have known my hubby for 18 years and we have been married for 17, before that we never knew each other. This is my first marriage and his 4th. We seem to get along well and are very close to each other, I just don't want our marriage to end over a little bit of bs. So whatever he is keeping secretive will probably stay that way in my opinion. He keeps very good secrets. ha ha. As far as the temptation goes on my end, it is just about my past, wondering what things would of been like with a previous bf, I seem to think back and daydream about him quite a bit. And wonder what my life would of been like if I was married to him. guess I need to try and keep him off my mind. We live too far away anyway. Again thanks so much for the reading you are so acurate, and I know that is why everyone is calling your name for a reading. I also hope things in the long run get better for you. Take Care and have a Great day. Twiwi

  • Hi All... Something just popped out to me from Chris' reading. 99% of the population being tested right now? I felt like that for a while and am so very tired of being tested. When is this period going to end? I'm so tired of feeling like: a change is coming... it never seems to get here. Makes me wonder if I'm walking on the wrong path. If so, what should I be doing differently? Chris, by the looks of it you have your work cut out for you here with so many reading requests. But if you see anything at all in my future, please let me know. My birthday is 07/08/1981. Thank you.

  • And Twiwi, hope things work out for you!

  • Hi Cris1962

    It is very nice that you have helped us with readings. I am a Libra 10-15-1966 and my life is just crazy now. I was hoping you could do a reading and tell me what I can expect this year. Any advise or insight would be greatly appreciated.


  • 25laura I see your birthday is this week and I thought I would tell you Happy Birthday before I forget. Mine is the 18th. Be patient Cris is trying to get to everyone and taking care of herself in the meantime. Have a great day.

  • I read your post LibrasLair and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your concern on my behalf. I simply can't keep away from doign these readings though, as I feel I'll be developing them more as part of my path and may make some money out of it in the future. At the moment though, I'm flexing my psychic muscles, so to speak, so this Site - and people like you - have been a godsend to say the least.

    I'm going to do a mini reading for each who have asked here, so bear with me:


    This period is coming to and end. As they say, it gets worse before it gets better so that's what you and the rest of us are feeling. A time for decisions and changing direction is at hand. You're not on the wrong path, but rather - as abovementioned - you're at a crossroads. I feel you have issues of worthiness you need to deal with and that once you get those issues straightened out, you will see new doors opening up. The main message I get for you is: trust yourself. You haven't done much of that, particularly lately, and I feel you've let too many people tell you what to do and how to be. This needs to stop; you are not here to please the crowd. Follow that dream you have and don't think it's silly. It isn't. Your heart is telling you what to do, but you're letting your head rule so you don't rock the boat. In this instance, heart needs to rule my friend, so please let it and you will see a whole new horizon opening up. I hope this helps you some 🙂


    Life a bit crazy, eh? I'm getting that you're standing alone in the middle of some huge ruckus at the moment. Is this some sort of family squabble and you're bearing the brunt of it? Step back if you can. I'm getting a very drained feeling from you; like you just can't get out from under this blanket of stress that's been thrown over you. But you can and you will. I feel you've suffered some recent pain or injury? THis is being made all the worse by the stress you're suffering. You don't eat well enough and haven't looked after yourself. You need to put those other people second on your list with you replacing them at first and pay attention to YOU. It's your time to fix what has been holding you back. You are not responsible for other people's lives, nor are you to blame for their issues. Main message here is: take back your power and make choices which suit you for once. You are important here; just as important if not more, than those who are draining you. Hope this helps and good luck 🙂 You need to do this work more too my friend. I see great psychic skills in you and they need more development. Please seek out a reading with someone in your area and go from there. She will direct you to spiritual development classes which wil help you along this road. Do this quickly.


    Gee, haven't you had a fun time ... not!? Why are you letting people rule your life so much? I ask this rather direct question as I do get that you're a very reliable, rock solid person who has had many weaker people lean on you and you're now tired and fed up. No-one much has helped you through your battles, but have said the old "oh such-n-such'll be okay; she always is". That maybe, but it's time for you to have a break and someone else to lean on for a spell. I'm getting that there has been one or two deaths amongst your loved onces in recent months/years and they have left their mark on you. I think you may have even felt responsible for one of them. Well, you weren't. The soul of that person - I get a male energy and much older than you either in age or soul energy - is around you and saying: "will you bloody well listen to me; it was never your fault!" Was this person Australian at all? I'm just getting one of my countrymen here. Money has been an issue with you too. You have never seemed to have enough. This is because you don't believe you're worthy of having enough. You sure are. And when you have a lot of money to spare, you share it around rather than be selfish. I see a win coming up for you actually, and a rather sizeable amount. Have a go at a lottery or races ... (gee I got this for someone else recently too). Buy a ticket this week. If you don't succeed this time, keep trying. I just feel you're up for a win and great "relief" is the other word I get. You have been very uptight lately and can't see a way of relaxing. Please go to a spa if you can. Or if you can afford it, get yourself a spa kit for your bath tub, put some sea salt in it (about 2 cups) and enjoy. You also need to get more vitamin c in your diet I feel. You get a lot of colds which drag your spirit down. Do you do healing work of some sort as a hobby? Develop this more and practise more on yourself; you will be surprised at how well you can do for yourself in this as well as others. Your deceased Grandma has this to say to you: "you have already mended your bridges; it's time to cross them". Does that make any sense to you? Was her name Beryl or something similar? She meant a lot to you when she was alive and she's still with you. As it someone by the name of John or Jack. You have loads of spiritual support around you and I know you have felt this at times, even through those periods where you can't see the forest for the trees.

    Main message here: self forgiveness and self belief. You deserve the best, so look for it and expect it and accept it when it comes. WHEN it comes, not IF. You are coming into a very light-filled time of your life, so don't let negative beliefs about yourself stop you reaping the benefits.

    I sure hope this helped you some Libra. You deserve it. GOOD LUCK :))

    There you go. Hope I have helped you all here a bit, but if your feedback tells me I'm off the mark, I'll crawl back into my little cancerian shell and wait it out ...

    Let me know when you all have time as I always like to know what I got or didn't! Blessings to you all, especially you Libra. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

  • Cris1962 Thank you very much. I appreciate the reading especially when there are so many who asked before I did. I just think your working out tonight. So you must be feeling much stronger and I am very happy to hear that if I am right. I don't know about some of this reading. I am not too sure about the older man or older soul. I don't even feel responsible for any of my family members who have left. I have had some rocky years that is true and money is tight right now but I don't know of anyone who's not in the same boat. Yes I know my grandmother is around but haven't heard from her since my grandfather passed over. Her name wasn't even close to the one you gave me. I am not coming up with anything that even sounds like Beryl family or in-laws. The mending the bridges does make sense. I don't know any John or Jack. I meditate a lot and I just suggested to someone today or yesterday to use salt in their bath to ground themselves. I do have spiritual support but not sure who they are. I have been told a couple of different things but I haven't managed to get them to introduce themselves to me. Yes I do healing with stones. I give stones away all of the time. I make jewelry using stones. And one of my guides will even inform me of what to take sometimes to give to who I am visiting. I have learned not to question because once I am there I find out why I brought that stone. I have been doing this for about 7 yrs. I want to open a new age store but the time hasn't been right. So I continue to let the universe move at its own speed and I will be able to do this one day. I want to have a co-op out of the back of the store so we can trade seeds and plants. This will happen when the time is right. Thank you so much I do appreciate your reading. Peace and harmony to you and yours Cris.

  • Cris1962 I forgot I take 1000 mg. C on top of my multi- vitamin. I think that my be what you picked up on more than I need it. I take several different ones. Like A, E, Calcium/ Mag., DHEA, Fishoil, and D. I was taking a lot of others but cut back, and super B Complex. Do you think I need anything else?

  • Oh and cris1962 there are no Aussie's in my family only Okie's. I wish there were cause I have always wanted to go to Australia. I read a book oh thirty or fourty years ago that took place there and from that time I have always wanted to visit. And I love the scenary in the movie Australia.

  • Cris1962 Wow you are very good. Thank you so much for taking the time to do my reading. I know I read that you are going through a very tough time right now and my heart goes out to you as well. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, I have been where you are and I know it is so very hard. Your reading was very accurate. So true I have put others before me and have not been taking care of myself and the stress from several things is through the roof. Yes part of my problem is family issues other is romance/relationship issue, other is I also lost a job and more. I will take your advise and seek a reading in my area. Thank you again you are very very sweet I really appreciate it.

  • LibrasLair Thank you for the Birthday wishes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you also 🙂

    This is such a great forum and its nice to share with everyone. I am hoping that my birthday will go better than the past couple years which have been hell. Trying to stay well and be happy.

    I did get my reading from Cris and she was very sweet to take the time I know she has alot to deal with right now.

  • chris1962 wow, that reading for 25 laura sounds like my story. .. if u have the time to do one for me i believe i would be very simular.. i seem to be at a crossroads in life and very stuck could use advise.

  • You're a very generous soul Cris. Curious as to what you see for me. Very difficult times at the moment and hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel! My bday is 7-24-74.

    Thanks in Advance is you have the time to read for me.


  • Thank you 25laura try watching this u tube thing it may help.

  • Hey LibrasLair

    I giggled a bit when I read your feedback as I'm all too aware we can have our off days! I also wondered if I might've got some things crossed with the other two min-readings I did before yours, so could be a bit of that there. I guess it's a bit like reading for two or three people sitting in front of you at once, eh?

    No, I don't think you need anything else synthetically. But the word bananas just popped in, so maybe you need to chew some more of them. I think they're quite high in magnesium, so you might need a tiny bit more of that in your diet.

    Funny thing about the "Beryl" issue, I wondered if that mightn't have been a message for me, as even though I don't have a relative by that name, there was a lady Beryl who lived across the road from us when I was growing up and who gave me her fridge when I moved out of home. She was always very sweet to me and was a good friend to my mother, so maybe I was being given that message rather than yourself! Confusing thing this psychic business, I tell ya. But I'm always accepting that we'll have bad days and I think your reading may be a reflection of that.

    You know as I type this to you, I'm realising that almost all of that first paragraph was very likiely meant for me. I had felt responsible, albeit indirectly, for my cousin's suicide and the older male energy saying "will you bloody well listen ..." could be him, but I just don't feel he was an older soul. He was my age, but just don't feel he was that advanced in soul age, so it's possible this is my grand-dad talking. The John/Jack could very well be a very good friend of ours who died in a farming accident years ago and who was best man at our wedding. We called him Johnny, so maybe he's decided to pop in and have his say.

    So I'm going to apologise for the possibility that some of my reading for you was for me and I didn't realise it at the time. I can never get over how weirdly these things work at times. But they do say that often what a reader gets for a client can be messages for themselves as well. I do take notice when I'm tapping out things for people too, as lately, some of what I've been telling others has directed itself to me.

    Anyway, must be off! Again, I'm sorry that your reading got skewed with all that other information and will try to pay extra attention to that in future.

    Have a good day and I sure hope you like bananas 🙂

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