• Hi Chirs do you see how popular you are? When ever it's convient for you can you tell me something about my future, relationship wise? Will I be with my Spouse or move on? Will I be happy? Tell the truth. Thanks for all your help! Sending special prayers to you, cause i know you have your own problems too. Thanks again! birthdate is 11/20. Say hi to Audrey Please!

  • Hi poetic555

    I'll get to the point: I think you've wanted to end your marriage for a while, but haven't done so as you don't want to rock the boat. I sympathise greatly with you on this as I'm in a similar boat. I don't see the sort of happiness you want, or deserve, if you stay with your spouse as he's very set in his ways and someone who brings to mind that old song: "we(I) shall not be moved". He's steady, reliable and all that stuff, but not what you need at this stage of your life, nor are you what he needs.

    I don't like advising people to end marriages, but honestly, what is the point in flogging a horse that's already died? For whose sake are we doing this? There will be someone else for you in the future and I think it might be someone you already know, but not overly well. I also get the funny feeling that, should you choose to end your marriage, you'll be with this other person not long after. I think you've been mentally preparing yourself for this for quite a while and you (secretly) know what you want.

    At the end of the day though, the choice is always yours. But I just don't get that this marriage is quite right for you anymore.

    Hope this helps and that I haven't been too blunt! GOOD LUCK. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • PS: Can't quite think of who Audrey is??? I'd say hi, if I did!! Thanks my friend 🙂

  • Hi Chris! Time for a reading? I was in a relationship that ended 9/7. My dob is 6/1/74 and his is 10/24/75. I am wondering if you can give me any insight on the relationship, i.e. over for good, purpose for it, whatever you pick up on! Thanks!

  • Let me just add to that and say any information you can share about my love life, or life in general would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  • You know what you are the BOMB! Love you, love you! Everything thing you say is correct, I think I'm afraid of change. I'm waiting for my youngest daughter to go to college. You know that old saying: I'll be happy when...... I'm married, I'm divorced, when my kids are grown, yada, yada! Thanks for help, If I can do something for you, let me know. I give great advice, don't always follow. Audrey is/was my deceased Aunt who I missed. Have a wonderful weekend. One thing I've learned is you have to make your own self happy! Have fun now, you definetly can't make a horse drink the water or the kool-aid. I'm praying for you too. We'll get there someday, someway. Peace out!

  • Well, gee, talk about give me a fat head!! So pleased you're so pleased ... but y'know, it's always a bit hard to say to a person that their marriage just might be over, but these days it seems to be happening more than it's not. So I'm extra glad you took this in the spirit it was given. I relate all too well too as my own has ended under similar circumstances and we're in that sort of negotiating stage and figuring out what will happen. At least we're dealing with it like mature adults and are both determined to hang on to the friendship at all costs as it's too valuable to each of us. So, there you have it. I wish you good luck with your future, drink plenty of kool-aid (or water) and hey ... PEACE OUT t'you too ... love Austin Powers ... :))

  • Hello Chris1962, It,s been a while since I have been here GOOD TO SEE YOU, as alway,s you are being helpful and wise.I am at a crossroad right now in my relationship this man of mine is bringing me to a point of not knowing what to do from day to day. he is either entertaining with his comedic ways or he is depressed,and he has decided he is not good for me and tells me we should end it. Then he stops calling, day,s pass and he is back like nothing is wrong. We are not kids and I am not in the mood for games, yet I can see and feel like we are both terrified and I can,t put my finger on why Do you have any insight into what I am trying to deal with, of course I am hoping you remember me you have been like an Angel on this sight and I am sure we have put you on overload so anytime you can answer will be appreciatted ... LEONIDA

  • Hi Leonida

    Of course I remember you! You have the man who can be a bit tight with money sometimes ... 🙂

    Look, this fellow is so darned scared of his feelings for you, and his own shortcomings, he doesn't know which day it is. I realise this would be all the more frustrating considering that you are not both teenagers anymore, but sometimes I think the older one gets, the closer they get to childhood again!

    These are your twilight years, and I think the decision for you here is:

    Do you love this man enough to wait for him to sort out his doubts? If not, you might have to end it after all. If you do love him enough, then I think it may take a few months or so and he'll be right. I'm getting some sort of epiphany for him where he wakes up one day and realises things; like they'll leap up and bite him after all this time.

    The terror you both feel is the thought that you could both end up alone after all is said and done and neither of you wants that for each other or yourselves. You have a bit of work to do with this man, though I think he's worth the trouble for you really, all these recent quirks or not. I get that he's been a bit of a commitment-phobe throughout his life, but you're the one all those years ago who he knew would pull that out of him, which is why he's either avoided you throughout life, or the higher ups (universe) pulled him away from you so you wouldn't be dragged through his issues. He wants to share with you badly, but as got so used to keeping everything to himself this is all new to him and very frightening.

    He is not a very mature man for his age either. You are, and you're very steady in your life as well. He feels a bit threatened by you I think; like he feels he's got to measure up. Once he sorts this out in his own head - which he will - he'll come around I feel.

    So my message here is as I said above, and:

    Be patient. This is a testing time for you both

    Trust your instincts

    Continue to value your own life above everything else

    If you choose to give up on him, don't stress about this choice. The universe will have other plans for you and a replacement will be in the offing throughout 2010. I just feel that the choice is mainly yours here and whichever way you go, you will end up happier than you've been for a long time.

    I know things feel very messy for you at the moment, but honestly this has more to do with the messy year we've all lived through thus far. None of us (or the very few) are feeling settled or clear about much, so you are not alone here. I keep getting the impression that this man's head is spinning off his neck and he's panicking with it, which rubs off on you.

    But calmer times are a-comin, that much I feel is true. There will be a few more rocky turns though, so be prepared for that. But I think you'll be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel very soon, if not already, considering how long it's been since I got to this post of yours.

    I hope I've been of some help here Leonida. You sure have had your share of shake ups recently, but believe it or not, it's all for the better. You'll land back down on your feet whichever way you go, I do feel that for you.

    GOOD LUCK. Let me know how things are going :))

  • Hello Chris, Well I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety today and trying to keep myself busy, I finallly got to the computer and :Wow.... there you are giving me an answer of encouragement, no matter which way things go, and for that I am grateful, made me feel better. Thank you so much ...Again you are right on. We are all so fortunate to have you here. And yes my thoughts are with you and your situation, I am sure something very special will happen for you in your life as you slowly remove yourself from sitting on that fence. May much happiness come your way soon ............. Leonida

  • Chris is a sweet heart, all the good you do will come back 10 fold!

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