Near future reading, I have been having weird feelings about November

  • I am not very good at understanding these feelings I have, but in the last couple of days I have been having these feelings similar to anxiety about the month of November. I am dont if it is because I will hear something, see someone, or what it is exactly but its settled and created this huge knot in my stomach and every now and then it feels as if the knot is becoming tighter. I want to know if anyone can see anything in the near future that would be causing this feeling? I would appreciate any help 🙂

  • I can't say I see anything in the near future for you on my end. But I will say that your life is your own and sometimes you know what is coming. Even if you don't know what is going to happen in November, I would say keep an eye out because your intuition is speaking to you. Listen to it, there may come a day when it tells you don't go here today or don't say this today. Listen, listen, listen, and follow it because if you are feeling anxious about the month of November, you might be right. I would also say, don't stress it too much. You mess up your energy when you fear the future too much and just because you expect it to, something bad might just happen. Tell yourself that you will listen to your intuition and let you steer you safe but also tell yourself that positive things are coming your way. Tell yourself you give off a positive energy. That you are unafraid of the future and able to take it on, no matter what's happening. Change your frame of mind to try and pick up positive feedback on the future. Sometimes what we see and feel manifests itself into the future because it is our constant surroundings, so that is all we see. Change your surroundings and ideas and what you see in the future will change as well.

    Universal Harmony

  • Thank you. I usually dont have these kinds of feelings or let them bother me much. I am finally getting over my relationship with my ex and my life has been very peaceful. I am wondering if the feeling I have has anything to do with that situation either way I try to ignore it but it seems to pop in at the oddest times. Also my mind keeps telling me something about the number 2 that kept popping into my readings in September I am just so confused and I dont have these feelings often so I know it has to be something

  • This feeling is crazy I am going over a spreadsheet and the tension in my stomach just feels as if it is tightening. I just cant imagine what this could be

  • Last night was just ridiculous. I tossed and turned all night this anxiety will not go away. And to top it off there was this hair raising presence in my bedroom for most of the night. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated

  • Junglebunny,

    Did you meet your ex boyfriend around that time of year?

  • No we met in the winter. Its just the oddest feeling its so hard to describe what it feels like

  • Try to do some deep breathing or something like that when you feel tense. And listen to what messages are coming up but don't stress them too much. You'll know when the time is right and it may not be too bad, you might just be thinking it's something bad.

  • I always think its somethin bad. But my intuition is telling me its probably might be some form of contact with my ex I guess I will just have to wait and see

  • Hi, My advice is not to forget how your feeling at present. It's just a reminder of everything that you have been thru. If you forget this, everything your learning at present will be of no circumstance in the future. The number 2 is not a good number for me. It usually involves business for me (work) in other words. The number 4 has been the same. In other words, these are numbers that must be but seem more practical, for me. They seem to be pretty straight forward. If I had to interpret the meaning, it would be non-creative, more practical. I don't know if this follows the aspects of numerology. I think it would be better paired with a 1 or 3. I think you should relax and let the chips fall as such. Nothing is always black and white. There is a lot of color out there. Ever met someone who is cut and dry. Maybe change friends or do something out of the ordinary for you. If you stay on the same path, nothing will change. It's funny I say this because 23 and 5 are numbers that follow me--change.

  • This is the first instance that I have encountered the number 2. Usually the number 3 follows me so I am not sure

  • I have tried to not get stressed about this for a few days. I woke up and did a tarot reading this morning and my cards are indicating that something will happen in about a months time and that really freaked me out. Can anyone see a phone call, a letter, a meeting, anything that involves someone other than myself in the near future. Please help a half crazy lady from going completely insane. 🙂

  • Why is it everytime I am making progress with this whole situation something happens. My ex requested me as a friend on facebook. His relationship status says married an it just makes me sick. What does he want?

  • As november approaches I have been having dreams about my anxiety and I am waiting to see what happens. Even my tarot reading indicates a "longed for" message. Last night in my dream there was my ex and I and a conversation. My dreams are usually extremely accurate so I will see what happens I feel much more relaxed and at peace

  • It seems that since November is the time of Giving Thanks and usually we are getting together with Family that is what is having an effect on you. Your Ex is wanting to try and get back with you during this time period of Family togetherness. I feel as if he has broken a vow and is at fault and if he has not apologized and made amends i suggest you do not sink to his level. As it gets closer and if you go to spend time with family and friends you will be asked about him and you do not wish to talk about it.

    You should go and spend time with them and if they ask just politely decline talking about for now.


  • He did break a vow and promises to me. Us not being together was his choice. I REALLY loved him and we havent had much communication since we split and its scary because what we had was so good until it ended and I am not sure if its because of the holidays or whatever but to know that he might possibly want exactly what I have wanted all this time is very scary to me

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