Cancer woman confused about Taurus ex

  • My Taurus bf recently broke up with me (Cancer) for another woman. He is 25 and I am 24. We had been together for over 4 years and I thought the relationship was going well... we even talked about marriage. Though he broke up with me, he still contacts me, but I do not respond. When he ended things, he said that he knows he is going to have a future with me and that this wouldnt be the last time we spoke or saw each other. I told him he may never see me again and he disagreed.

    I do not know how to approach this situation because I do not know if he is reaching out as a test to see if I am still interested. He said to me that I doubt his love for me... but how could I not when he's the one who broke up with me? Also, I thought Taurus men were loyal and steadfast...

  • Every sign including scorpio has more than one set of charachteristics involved in shaping us into who we are. Scorpio is only one part of his astrological make-up. You need to do some research and find out what his other signs reveal about who he is. I am not an expert, but you can go to the horoscope section of this web site and with his birthdate inquire about the rest of this guy...

  • Cancergirlnyc: I feel for you I really do I am a Scorpio and am currently going thru a pre-divorce with a Cancer man. My advice to you is to talk to him as I know that you Cancers just clam up when you are hurt. I don't think that you should ever take him back as you will just be insecure the rest of your relationship. But YOU Mrs. Cancer need closure. Be brave, get your closure, then move on. But don't ever hide. Be strong, Get what you need.

  • Cancergirlnyc:: Do you think you could help me with my Cancer hubby? I am hurting and want to help him come home.

  • femscorp2000~~ Whats the issue with him?

  • Cancergirlnyc: Now he wants a divorce but i think hes not totally sure. He sent me an e-mail saying that he cares about me. I just need to know if I give him space or go beg or what? I'm desperate, we have 2 kids, please help.

  • You are smart to not respond to his attempts to contact you. I wouldn't be surprised if he just wants to get back together to dump you again ( I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but I'm a Cancer and it's happened to me). I read in a poll that 100% of guys who broke up with their girfriends never intended to get back together. Even if he did, do you really want those kind of mind games? A Cancer girl like you should have no trouble finding another more loyal and kind guy. Good luck!

  • I've learned not to read into things that men say...Actions speak louder than words. Men are really little boys, afraid to let go of one toy before they have another. When a man loves you, he loves you. When they say I really care about you but you are not on the receiving end of that caring...cut him loose. It's really hard, I know but if you cut yourself off from men and they really want you back they will do what it takes to get you back. As women we are always trying to figure out if he really means this or does he mean that. Maybe it's cause he was hurt as a child or someone else hurt them...or may be they were dropped on their head at birth, who knows why they do and say the things they do. It's not your job to figure it out, it's their job to figure out what they want, and communcate what they want honestly. If they can't do that, they need to leave you alone till they can figure it out. Begging just puts the power in his hands, after all you can't make some feel what they don' difficult as it is to hear that and for me to's true. If he is confused allow him the time to figure it out, then let him chase you if he really loves you. If he doesn't then more than likely wouldn't of worked anyway, you both need to be on the same page to make it work. I wish you the best of luck!

  • If a Cancer man has children.Forget him.I am a Cancer female.And Cancer loves the home life.Him being married is a sin in itself.I am really surprised at women falling over another woman's leftovers.I have never been married yet.It doesn't mean I never will.But, men just play too much and have too much baggage with children.

  • I am a Cancer Sun~ Pisces Moon~ Cancer Rising.~~~I have good intuition skills.But, I try not to use them.I told a guy what I thought about him and it scared him.He thought I was reading his mind.He is Saggitarius and he is a secretive person.For me to tell him about himself freaked him out.He just didn't like me telling him he was cheating on me with another woman...LOL

  • babe500>>>I really enjoyed you post.Especailly about the part of the guy being dropped on his head at birth..LOL..When my son's father kept chasing me forever it seemed..LOL I was just getting out of high school.He was an Aries.We were together off and on about 23 years.He passed away 7 years other guy has approached me the same way since.If it's a help.YOU DO NOT LOOK FOR ANYONE TO COME TO YOU.It just happened for me.

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