Why is Scorpio man doing this to me??

  • I met my scorpio on a dating site. He is ten years younger, and has mars in

    Scorpio, Venus in Sag and the moon in Taurus.

    I had feelings for him from the start but he said he saw me as just a friend.

    I said that it was hard to be friends and we mutually agreed to part and to

    contact each other only if and when something significant happened.

    After 18 months I get a mail from him. I was very upfront with him and told him

    that I still loved him and was this wise to get back in touch. He then confessed

    to having this dream that had aroused feelings of hidden lust and desire for


    All the moves initially came from him and we have been intimate just twice even

    though he makes all kinds of excuses to stay over with me.

    He has visited me at my familiy's home and invited my friends to dinner with us

    at his place.

    I gave him the option of endidng things as I wasnt "feeling" him. We would

    share the same bed and he wouldnt even try to touch me (I didnt either call it

    pride and/or fear of rejection.)yet in his sleep would move over to my side and

    snuggle up.

    He appears not to respect me and seems to prefer spending time with his family

    on the phone or going out with his friends. I am always on the back burner and

    it is killing my sense of self worth and self confidence.

    If he is not into me why is he not ending things? The only thisng he said was

    that we had taken things too fast and that we should have a "normal" courtship.

    I asked him if we must keep our options open and he said its not the kind of

    thing he does when he is in a relationship.

    Its almost a week now and although there have been emails and texts there have

    been no plans made to see each other. I hesiitate to suggest it as I KNOW

    something will come up and I will be left twiddling my thumbs?

    Should I persevere or just cut my losses and run?

    He refers to his ex as his soulmate but he cant say if she loved him too and he

    says he will never take her back cos he deserves better. She left him to take up

    a job abroad and was on antidepressants at the time.

    Please help me understand this confusing scorpio man.

    Date of Birth: 26 January 1967

    Time of Birth: 12:13 AM

  • Oh and he always does stuff around the house for me....but I want emotional reassurance which I am not getting....

    We neber seem to be on the same page at the same time...

  • hi i can relate to your issues immensly my relationship with a scorpio woman , venus in libra moon in taurus, is she did the same thing..i was conveient and in love or happy when isolated but she always made me feel outside lookin in or when it was convienent for her ot have me with family , friends etc..i feel sad for you and hope that my sadness and answers come in some form too in this forum 🙂

  • you are convenient for him. he wants you but does not want to make a commitment. he is very selfish.

  • Why are you waiting for him to end it? he's clearly getting his oats and playing you. He knew you'd be hanging on for him after all this time, thought he'd come back see if you'd be putty in his hands.

    Take control see the big pic and decide what best for yourself.

    This is a friends but with benifits relationship he knows it. Try to give yourself a bit of honest talking to and respect one's self not him.

  • Hello everyone

    And thanks for all of your comments so far...it does help to put things in perspective.

    I think you may all be right, maybe he IS playing me. But do people like this not see how much they hurt others? Yes he spoke about a 'normal courtsship" but his non actions speak louder than his words. I think I should break free but its so, so hard when one is truly in love

  • sigh.. xena seems as though this really is sooo common with scorpio men.

    i have been in on and off with scorp man for almost 6 years. it has been a rollercoaster but it looks like it is finished now. i havent heard from him for 6 weeks now. he is very selfish. i still miss him though, but it is so difficult to have a relationship with these men! they struggle with commitment it seems. mine has hurt me so much so many times and i have never been so overwhelmed or confused in my life. i have also felt strung along and used and believe it or not i did feel loved by him at times. but it has been so inconsistent. i still love him. it is really hard to let go of. not sure if i really want to. there is a thread here called ASCLAC. you will read many scorp stories of heartache and confusion and passion there!

    i also ask the same questions as you....

  • Hey stranger 2....do you think I should end it? All things considered, as much as I love him (and I do) I deserve to be loved....I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, please do the same for me

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