Birthday message for daughter

  • Does anyone have a message I can give my daughter for her 33rd birthday on 06/17 which is today? Her husband walked out on her for another woman that he just married on 06/12 and of all funny dates, this is her great-grandmothers birthday that Audra was very close to. After 2 years of going through the courts for the divorce, he was ordered to pay all their old debts and last week she got served bankruptcy papers with her listed as one of his debts. She had 3 children of which two are his and her oldest son is a senior in high school that is signing up with the Marines to go into after graduation. She is thinking about moving out of town upon her son leaving. She was a stay at home mom during most of this marriage and just got a job as a waitress until she can find an office job or go to school. I would appreciate any message I can give her. Thank You and God Bless!

  • Your daughter has two master number vibrations here. The 11 lifepath and her 33rd birthday which are both very significant numbers. This means important times and lfei changing events are around her at the moment. She needs to see the seemingly bad times as times of great freedom and growth for her instead.

    An 11 lifepath: You have a potential to be a source and inspiration for people. You possess an inordinate amount of energy and intuition. There is so much going on in your psyche that you are often misunderstood early, which makes you shy and withdrawn. You have more potential than you know. You galvanize every situation you enter. You inspire people, but without conscious effort. Energy seems to flow through you without your control. This gives you both power, and sometimes emotional turmoil. You are a channel for the information between the higher and the lower, between the realm of the archetype and the relative world. Ideas, thoughts, understanding and insight come to you without you having to go through rational thought process. There seems to be a bridge, or connection, between your conscious and unconscious realms, that attunes you to a high level of intuition through which even psychic information can flow.

    All of this amounts to a great capacity for invention. Many inventors, artists, religious leaders, prophets and leading figures in history have had 11 prominent in their chart. Because you are so highly charged, you experience the consequences of a two edged sword. You possess great abilities, but indulge in much self-reflection and self-criticism. You often feel highly self-conscious. You are aware on some level that you stand out. Even when you try to blend with your environment, you often feel conspicuous, alien and out of place. You are blessed with a message or a specific role to play in life. But you must develop yourself sufficiently to take full advantage of that opportunity. Until that time, your inner development takes precedence over your ability to materialize the great undertaking you were chosen to perform. Consequently, 11's seem to develop slowly, but simply have to accomplish in their evolution than an average person. Thus, your real success does not usually begin until maturity, between the ages of 35 and 45, when you have progressed further along the path.

    You may be frustrated, largely because you have extremely high expectations of yourself. But these expectations can be unrealistic and can prevent you from accomplishing anything. You can be very impractical, envisioning a skyscraper when only a bungalow is required. You may also suffer from bouts of confusion and a lack of direction. This gives rise to loss of confidence, and the onset of deep depression. The cause of these emotional problems is your lack of understanding of your own sensitivity and potential. You have strong ambition and desire to achieve something great. However lack of confidence in your ability to realize this dream may cause you much frustration. You sense the enormous potential you possess, which requires equally enormous confidence in your ability to materialize your dream. Confidence is the key that unlocks your potential. On a strictly physical level, you must protect your nervous system, which is inordinately vulnerable to stress, because of your acute sensitivity. Depression is the result of long periods of stress that have gone unrelieved. Seek out peaceful harmonious environments, as well relaxing music, and follow a healthful diet in order to restore balance and peace.

    As an 11 Life Path you are a highly charged version of the 2, and possess similar characteristics and talents. You can be extremely tactful and diplomatic. You are also patient and co-operative. You work well with groups and somehow find a way of creating a harmony among diverse opinions. You have an eye for beauty and a fine sense of balance and rhythm. You have healing capabilities, especially in the fields of massage, acupuncture, counseling and physical therapy. You suit all 2 vocations but teaching and healing are the areas that offer you most success and satisfaction. You are also uniquely suited for a career in music, architecture, advertising, agricultural design, fashion, repairing watches and other fine machinery. Politics and law allow using your considerable talents in negotiation and problem solving. Like 2, you are a sensitive and passionate lover, your perceptiveness make you aware of your partners needs and desires, which you are able to fulfill with magical delicacy. However, when you feel you have been mistreated or jilted, you can react with devastating power, using personal criticisms vindictively. You are a fine companion and you possess a good sense of humor. When you have found your niche in life, and have realized your true potential, your rewards will more than compensate for your trials in earlier life.

    2010 is a great year for goal setting and attainment. It is also a year for business, and material matters. Because it is a year of personal prosperity, you are in a position to manifest whatever it is that you want in life. It is also a year to reap the rewards of previous efforts, as well as a time to give some time, money, and energy to philanthropic pursuits. This year will find you dealing with important people, important decisions, and important methods of operating, rather than being bogged down in petty details. When individuals have not put the time and effort into their business or career, or have not developed an understanding of the universal laws that govern prosperity, it can be a time of financial challenge. Force, energy, and power are at your command during this year, although you are asked to use it wisely and with the intention of achieving the highest good of all those around you. Set your own direction and participate fully in the process.

    Focus on restoring balance and justice to unsettled situations. This is a year of accepting your limitations and still doing whatever you can. You may have to relinquish control over some things. The lesson here is that control is illusory but responsibility is forever. Use this time to regenerate. You don't have to stand in a pod. Just look at your life and determine what you've been ignoring or neglecting. Discard the things that have outlived their usefulness, and inject new energy into the things you want to keep. Take a good look at your karma. Karma can be considered the rules and goals you've contracted for in this lifetime. Have you been ignoring your responsibilities? Realize that you can only do that for so long before it comes back and bites you in the behind. Use this year as preparation for the coming year. The more you can sort out and take out of your worry bucket this year, the smoother next year will be.


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