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  • (I apologize that I have posted this situation once under a different topic this evening. I just signed up less than an hour ago and I'm still trying to figure out where things should or shouldn't be posted-- I'm not trying to be rude in any way 🙂 )

    My boyfriend and I met in December 2008 and immediately became inseparable. We were in a very close, loving and growing relationship for 7 months until July 2009 when he had to move thousands of miles away for this job. We've both unwillingly decided to end the relationship until we're both able to physically be near each other again, IF that ever occurs. Please let me know if he will come back to me? If he and I will be together again? And if it will occur, when?

  • Ah, don't let this one go my friend. Ending the relationship, as such, due to being separated is all very well and good, but I don't see this as the best way to go for you two. Are you going to say you don't contact each other at all? I realise it is painful being apart like this, but relationships have been known to survive under pressure like this or worse, and come out all the sweeter due to it.

    So what I get for you is this:

    You will decide you can't stay apart from him anymore, and due to his work commitments (which are still in their early stages) you'll pack up and go to him. This may be considered to be giving up your life for him, but I honestly feel that you would be giving up your life by not doing so. I see you doing this around July 2010, if not before. I see you chewing your knuckles, saying to yourself "Should I, shouldn't I? What about my life here? What will everyone think?" etc. That's fine and normal, but it's your life, not anyone else's! Remind yourself of the happiness you felt WITH him. And I do feel that this man isn't one of those who wants someone to sacrifice themselves for him, so doing this will not cost you dearly, except in relocation costs as such 🙂

    Yeah and I'm an old romantic at heart, but honestly, I do think the best relationships are often forgotten or sacrificed due to this thing about "can't give up MY LIFE here". I know this is sometimes the right course for some, but I just don't feel it is for you or him.

    Like I said, don't let this one go. The choice will be up to you though; he doesn't expect you to give up your life/home to follow him, but I don't think you'll be able to not do so, as such. And by the way, I think you'll find yourself - after a settling period - realising that this was the best thing you could have done and asking yourself why you put it off for so long.

    My parting message:

    I don't feel either of you will be truly happy in this life until you are back together and one of you must make the choice to bring this about. And that "one" will be you 🙂

    Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK. Gawd I hate seeing this sort of stuff happen to people who should be together!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Hello cris1962

    I would like for you to do a reading for me please? My dob is aug 9, my question is " is my husband still cheating on me? and is kenny for me?

    thank you very much

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  • Hi there sassy44

    You marriage should have ended a long time ago. Your husband is either cheating again or thinking about it. He's not a bad man, just one who can't keep his hands out the cookie jar, so to speak. I think he has a long lost love who he hasn't gotten over and this colours his behaviour towards your marriage.

    Kenny is for you. Move on my friend if you can, as hard as that may seem. Happiness awaits you, but not with your husband.

    Hope this helps and the very best of luck. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Hi cris1962,

    Thank you for the reading and Thank you very much . Sometimes I can feel things , just can't get it right. Now I know what I need to do now , thank you again . Can you do another reading for me please? tell me what is going to happen in my furture and love life if you can and with my daughter now.

    thank you Donna H

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