They Died

  • Someone I know has died. Can anyone pick up anything on this?

  • Am going out on a limb here, but on it I am:

    The person who has died was young or young at heart, I'm getting a male energy, and I also get that it was a preventable death. I'm getting a restriction around the throat area, so maybe by some breathing restriction which resulted in his death. The word suicide springs to mind, but hesitant am I to say that was the actual intention, as such. This death was like a cry for help, but it's almost like the person knew it was going to be too late. They had given up and I think he may have received news not long before his death which pushed him further into the abyss. I believe there may have been a note left, or there could be a journal, but I can't see where this may be. A suitcase somewhere in his house I think, but it's hidden within and under something. Can't be any clearer on that.

    I'm sorry if this seems a bit stark, but this is what came. And as I jotted down these images, I can tell you manifest, I felt like I was almost reliving my cousin's suicide which happened back in 2000 even though none of us really know the details of how and why he took his life.

    Forgive me if I've upset you at all, but this is what I got. I don't know if this helps you, but I hope it does and/or that it makes sense. Bless you 🙂

  • Thank you Cris.

    Your reading matches a tarot reading that I did on this.. The cards indicated a state of mind over a situation that made me think this could be a possible suicide. I hadn't heard that this person was anything less than optimistic about things, but the cards were pretty specific. I later found out that things were probably not going to turn out as this person expected. I couldn't say for sure, by the reading I did if it was, or wasn't a suicide only that their state of mind over this situation played into the circumstances. It seems that from your reading you have gotten the same type of thing. I don't know about a note. I have some other feelings about this, but do not want to share too much as to not taint your psychic impressions. Your reading was very accurate. If anything else comes to you, let me know. I'll update you if a note or journal turns up. I'm sorry that this caused you to relive your cousins suicide.

    If it's not too much to ask, I would love it if you could give me a general reading. Please don't feel that you have to say yes. I understand if you're busy and I really appreciate the time you put in here.

    Thanks again.

  • G'day again manifest,

    I'll get to your reading my friend; I have a few others to do prior, but hopefully by tomorrow. Don't worry about me "reliving" my cousin's death. God knows I've wondered about it for years, but I guess some things are not meant to be clear. We know how he died, but just not why and it is something I think about here and there. But my angel cards keep throwing up that he's okay and by my side. I hear him whisper "cuz" in my ear now and then, so I know Scottie is close.

    I'm so sorry about your loss here. It's always a shock when someone does this, but in the case of someone who was usually optimistic, it hits that bit harder. But gee, haven't we all learned to hid our true selves behind our public images? We should all be in Hollywood methinks 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for your thoughts, feedback and concern. I'll get to your request as soon as I am able. Must be away; got my cleaning job to go to now!

    Take care :))

  • Thank you,

    I'm looking forward to it.

  • Hi manifest,

    Did this male figure have short brown hair, a fair complexion and was rather young? I see him laughing but not due to happiness, more so a fed up, this is driving me crazy type of laughter. I also feel that he was obstructed in the throat area.. and that perhaps there is a white letter folded into a quarter.. he may have had it in the pocket of his pants but it had fallen out somewhere where it is casted by a shadow.. under or near a brown wooden table perhaps..

    Im sorry if ive completely gone off on the wrong track as im a total amatuer but thought i should atleast share what i saw, so please dont take any offence if this has nothing to do with you and im sorry to hear about your loss.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi ChocolateZ,

    Thank you so much for your input. Your description is not far off. I won't go into too much detail encase anyone else what's to have a go at it. He was known for his laugh. I'll be doing your reading next in the other post.

  • Hi manifest,

    Gee, Chocolate pretty much got what I did! Freaky ... 🙂

    On the tail end of the reading I did, I get the feeling this man who died may have found out something about his actual roots that he didn't know about. In other words, he may have discovered that he was adopted or something similar. This made him question his identity and as there were other things going on - I think it was work related with a legal issue added in - it got too much for him. I don't know if this helps you more or not, but hopefully it did 🙂 He is on his way back though, like most souls, as he knows his death was untimely. So he'll reincarnate pretty quickly as he has chosen to do this. Keep your ear out for a pregnancy. And keep your eye trained on that pair of eyes whch I think will be dark in colour (dark blue or maybe brown) that seek yours out. Newborns always know, and you'll recognise his soul when you see it again as this baby will be looking around, as such, and will focus on you.

    On to you:

    I think you have more work related issues than any other at the moment. You want to change direction and branch out more. Do you own your own business? I'm getting that you are not employed by anyone, as such, but are your own boss. Things are tight financially and you're wondering if you should try and contract your work out to a larger organisation which will give you a more steady income. I'm getting a company name which starts with B or has it in its company initials, which will end up being a goer. Are you a freelance writer or similar? I'm getting writing here, but not in the classic "novel" sense. More like a journalist or similar. Private investigator pops in too ... not sure if that's in your future and/or something you have toyed with, but think about that too. I just see you having to "sneak around" with your work under cover of darkness and enjoying every bit. Stake outs. Gee, maybe you're FBI or something. Sorry if this all sounds a bit out there, but I don't get that you do any sort of covnentional work, in a manner of speaking.

    You have a very level head: I get that very strongly about you. You don't suffer fools, and like to get to the point. You don't mince words. You can be a bit direct which puts people off sometimes, but really, they choose their reactions don't they? You aren't outright hurtful though; you just call a spade a spade. I'm just getting so much solidness and stability around you, regardless of the sort of work you do. Like you can sit in peace amongst bombs going off. You know who you are. You are a highly evolved soul whose lesson in this life is more to inspire others to better themselves. You have no trouble motivating yourself which is why you suit self-employment so well. You can work effectively under the most trying conditions; your main objective is to get the job done. And you do it very well indeed. I'm getting more of a male energy from you than female too ... could be wrong though.

    There is an offer coming and it may tie in with the "B" company mentioned above. They will give you free rein as they know your reputation and won't want to restrict you too much. I see this coming very soon indeed actually, if not forming now, so trust your instincts - which are sharp - and you'll come out victorious.

    Relationships? I don't get that you really need relationships in your life really. You have a lot of friends, or at least a small number of very good, loyal ones and that's enough for you. I don't feel you've ever married or that you've even felt the need. Yet with the influences of this current year upon you, you wonder if marital bliss is not such a bad thing after all and that you may be missing out. The message I get here is: focus on your own bliss and follow your gut at all times. There is a relationship for you and it will be with someone who mirrors your lifestyle and attitude to life. You won't live out of each other's pockets and will admire each other greatly. Acceptance is the big word here. You will both accept what the other has to do and come together when time allows. You will be with this person until you're old and grey, but I don't see children from this union. I think your partner may have a child from a previous relationship, but this child will be of a self-sufficient age and not one who is around you much. I just keep hearing you being called "Uncle" rather than "Dad" ... or if I've got gender wrong "Aunty" ... 🙂

    This is the weirdest reading I've ever done, I have to say! I feel I've possibly got a whole lot wrong, but this is how it came as I kept typing. So if you think I'm nuts after this, that's fine! If not, well, gee ... they do say the things which make the least sense are often the things which are right.

    I sure hope so in this case! And I hope this has been of some help to you manifest. Your feedback will be greatly prized here, positive or negative. If hugely negative, I'll take it as being a bad day and that I should actually stick to leaving readings for a bit, but I wanted to answer you ... 🙂

  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for the reading. This has been a terrible couple of weeks. My head is spinning, but I wanted to give you feedback.

    Regarding the death...He wasn't adopted but was going through some issues with a couple of family members. There were also work and legal issues.

    The reading about me...Work was one of the things on my mind. Lately that is being over shadowed by unbelievable events. I did own my own business and am still self employed. Things are really slow right now and I am thinking of heading in another direction. Would love to know more about this company that starts with B. Could use some good news about now. I have been thinking about freelance writing for the past couple of months. I have toyed with the idea of being a private investigator in the past. I started my schooling with the idea of possibly going into the FBI but ended up in a completely different career. This was all quite accurate. Now what was a miss was...I am a female and I am married. My husband has children from a previous marriage. I wish they were all self sufficient but not yet. They don't live with us now but it's possible in the near future they might. The part that has me sad is that you didn't see children for me. We've been trying. It's what I want more than anything. I'm hoping that maybe you were wrong on this part since you didn't pick up my gender or relationship.

    You were quite accurate overall, especially considering what you have on your plate.

    Thank you again. I really appreciate you taking the time.

  • Hi again manifest

    Funny how we get some things dead on and others ... well ... ?? I guess I didn't pick up much about you being married with children as maybe they are not issues which are playing on your mind at the moment, as such, apart from children of your own. While I understand this is something you dearly want, I honestly can't see biological children for you in the near future. This could be because you have a lot to do in other areas of your life - like changing your career path, etc - and children may not suit the lifestyle you'll live with that change, at least not for a while. Remember though, that what you dearly want and wish for, you will get, regardless of what a reading tells you. Free will is the master of the end result, not predictions.

    I do feel that your work is where you need to focus on the most at the moment and that the change you undergo will put you where you're meant to be. As to the company name, I keep getting something like BHP or similar. Could be the name displayed on their logo and/or office front may be a capital B followed by lower case initials with the possibility of the last one being capital also. Could also be red/orange writing in a sort of thin, script style. Not totally sure here, but ... that's what I get

    Would I be correct in saying, too, that you were not really someone who was worried if you married or not in your earlier life? Just wondering about that, as I still get that your marriage is one where you don't live out of each other's pockets and you balance each other well. In other words, there are no major issues or stumbling blocks with the two of you; you are both accepting of the other. Just a nice, calm partnership, which you don't see very often these days. Neither of you get too worked up about anything much, and if you do, you simply snap at each other briefly, then talk it out and get over it. I still get that there's more male energy about you than female though. Could be that you're very assertive (not necessarily aggressive) and single-minded along with being ambitious and goal oriented. All pretty much male traits traditionally, but traits which we are seeing more of in women these days, so I say to you BRAVO. You are a fine example of that song "sisters are doing it for themselves". Could also be that you might lack some female hormones (though that sisters doin it for 'emselves still applies here). Obviously you've been tested for this, yes? I just get that there's something "missing" which is preventing you from being pregnant. Estrogen could be low ... testosterone too high, some sort of imbalance ... blockage ... something along those lines which hasn't been found yet. Look into this, if children are the thing you want the most at the moment, as obviously you don't want this process taking too much longer than it needs to.

    As said, I just feel your work is the thing which needs focus and maybe, just maybe, you focusing on that will take your mind of pregnancy and ... bam. But still get these other things checked if you haven't already, but be mindful that it could still take a while before you see children of your own. I reckon you'll have two eventually, and they'll be spaced a few years apart.

    Thanks so much for your feedback too, I appreciate it as it was very detailed and helpful to me. Again, I always marvel at how we get some things so obviously, then others don't even pop up or are like that still, quiet voice that doesn't always get heard properly :)) HOPE THIS HELPS!

  • cris1962 I think sometimes the message is the path they are taking right at this moment therefore it is subject to change and that's why we tell people nothing is written in stone. And anything can be changed.

  • Hi Chris,

    You are correct in saying that I wasn't worried if I married in my early life. I actually had been engaged several times and had always backed out. I think I always knew that would eventually marry though. I always wanted children. That's the one thing in my life that I was certain of. I probably should have gotten that out of the way sooner. My husband and I do seem to balance each other very well.

    I'm very feminine in my appearance, voice, and mannerisms I don't have any hormone imbalances or blockages. I did have a couple of large fibroids that caused me to miscarry twins at 12 weeks, last year. I have since had these removed.

    The way I think about things might seem more masculine. I think it's probably split right down the middle between right and left brain. I'm very logical, yet have always been highly intuitive. My husband says that I'm very business minded in my thinking. However, I'm open to a lot of, so called, "airy fairy" ideas.

    I can be assertive if need be. I think I developed this because I look a lot younger than I am, and had to learn how to command respect. I don't think that I'm overly ambitious.

    Your reading has been very helpful. Thank you again. If any other ideas pop in your head that could help me get pregnant let me know.

  • Hi LibrasLiar,

    Glad to know I can change this path. I think I've gotten off the right track, as psychics use to always pick up on a baby trying to come to me. I think I've been closed down some from this being so painful. Hopefully I haven't gotten so far off track that I can't get back on again.

  • Good luck and please remember that everything happens for a reason. You may have decided before coming back that you wouldn't get pregnant but that doesn't mean you can't be a mother. You might be destined to adopt or take care of someone elses children and being a mother to them. Don't see this as a negative. You'll be fine and it really doesn't mean your off your path this just might be your path. And sometimes when we push for what we want we can stall what the original plans were. And letting the universe move at its own pace might bring what you want. Its all about choices and you learn from everything that happens. Peace and harmony my air buddy we aren't patient and that may be part of our lesson.

  • Maybe its manifestdreams friend but it sounds just like my ex-husband that we cut down from the noose , last year . All the other things are correct too . From what Im seeing is that it is too common for folks to kill themselves .

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