New developement In the Scorpio Guy case...Need some input please?

  • Ok, So i posted something on here the other day about this Scorpio guy that i was seeing, we were getting really close and then i didnt hear from him in 4 months.

    So I "ran into him" the other night and we hung out and spent the night on his friends couch. He had even disappeared from his friends kinda and I am kind of friends with them too. So I find out today that his one friend brought him to the place I was at so he could see me...i guess they were hoping i might be there...and I was. What does this mean? He is stillplaying his little scorp game because i havent heard from him in a couple days....but for him to go out of his way to see that out of character for a scorp if they don't feel anything for a person?

  • Silana, just go with the flow. Have fun,

  • Thanks.....Unfortunately the flow with this guy involves alot of I think I just have to act like I don't care, & ignore him when I get the chance like he does. Oh well, I was good not seeing for a while, so I can deal.

  • Scorpio's are known for being very passive-aggressive. They always have a hidden agenda, I am not sure it is worth anymore of your time playing the game anymore...

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  • Nope...I dont know when I will have a chance to talk to him. Since he always makes sure the ball is in his court....and yes I am not playing "his" game anymore....The way I see it now is that if he's too scared to be open & honest with me, whether it be to protect his own feelings or just because he is into games...he can live in fear all his life. NOt my problem anymore. I swore off Virgos after my crazy ex...and I'm close to swearing off Scorps too haha.

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  • Keldjoran....I know you can do it...It's hard because when they are with you it seems like they have these intense feelings..once out of your site they act completely opposite. Try and distract yourself....maybe try deleting his phone # so that you can't contact him when your having a weak moment?... I did this lol. I know they HATE being ignored...I ignored this one for a few days and he was relentlessly calling and texting....See what of luck!

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  • LOL.....mixed signals for sure! At least he is inviting you places and contacting you. He definitely likes you....kind of seems like he's putting you through the ringer the way they like to do.

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