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  • well i've had this crush on this guy at school for like a month now. We were ok at first...normal chats on yahoo...etc etc etc but then out of nowhere it seemed like he was avoiding me and it didnt seem like he was comfortable around so confused but i think he knows i have a crush on him idk. He says hi to me once in a while but i personally feel like he's avoiding me and only says hi when he feels he has to but i see him looking at m,e a couple times when i was with my friends. I've heard alot of things about virgo guys but i really want this to work....can someone please give me some advice about virgo guys and what they look for and what is a turnoff for them and how to start/keep at good relationship/friendship with a virgo??

    ♥thank you

  • It is completely impossible to tell you what a virgo or any other sign's look for in a relationship or what is a turn off. Astrological signs are merely an estimation at best about what kind of people we are, but it is our lifes experiences that truly mold us into the people we become.

    My advise is call him and ask him what happened? Ask him, how did we get from being friends to you totally avoiding me. Be prepared cause sometimes the answers to these questions are hard to hear. I think he may have picked up on the fact that you would like more than a friendship with him and it scared him. It's not uncommon at your age to run instead of talk when there is a problem. If you are direct and honest with him he may return the same courtesy to you...

  • I was with a Virgo for a few years and I think they are attracted to women who seem strong, but who are very nice at the same time ...i think that combination goes a long way with Virgos. If you chase a Virgo (my ex bf's ex gf did this) he may give in at some point, but he may never be truly in love. You also might want to try and find out his birthdate as to figure out what his venus sign is. If you have compatible venus signs things could be amazing. Also...they do not like party girls usually and seem to be attracted to girls who are a bit more reserved...not too reserved though, gotta let your personality shine.

    I think when you see him next time, instead of waiting for him to maybe say hi...pull him aside and say hi to him & ask him how he has his friend first ...and try not to be awkward. Let him find a reason to chase you a bit. I have noticed with all the Virgos I know that they like people who can make them laugh...dont be afraid to be witty and sarcastic...not insulting though. Virgos also have some very dark sides..but I am sure you dont care to worry about that now.

    Best of luck!

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