Hi Cris1962

  • Hi, I was wondering if you would do a reading for me if its not too much? I have read what you have posted for others and you seem to be really good. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Hey Chris

    I wanna add to this request as well. Mar i hope you dont mind sweetie.

    Chris my main focus is on relocation the how do i do it and so on. love insight would be nice also, but hey an overall general one may cover it all. Which ever you are comfy with,


  • Wow, Chris. You are really popular. Just remember to focus on your own healing. Please do that. I am not saying that you should stop helping, but I hope you dont forget to relax and stay near yourself. Near your inner self. To see for others is a gift. But. our biggest challenge is the faith. The faith in just that Healer that we all have available inside of us. Please dont forget that. And that is a message to everybody. I myself also would appreciate the safety in resting on that "it" will happen. That wich I dream about. To become healed fully and completely and all the way. But I will make it. I just have to be patient. I want to ask my friend Chris this: Will I make it? But in my heart I know I will. If the whole world says that I will make it, it still has not happened, that wich I dream about. So even if everybody say it, it has not happened. So the challenge is still to believe what I have not yet seen. Thank you Chris for everything that you have given everybody, but please continue your own inner healing. That is what we all seek.

  • Hello Cris1962, I don't know if you had read my post for a reading. I know everyone has started asking but if you have the time for me I would greatly appreciate it. I just need to know if things will get better for me. If you see any love coming for me. Thank you.

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