• Good Morning, how are you? Fine I hope! Since you are the "Queen of Dreams" I have another one for you. Last night i dreamed I bought a Lotto Ticket, didn't check the number but bought another one, I was riding on a bicycle for two with some guy and was supposed to be cooking Thanksgiving Dinner but didn't prepare properly and all I had were Turkey wings?? My son was there, been dreaming about him for 2 nites straight, and tried to help me by cooking two other entree's weird huh? What do you think? The other night I dreamed I was at a restaurant with friends and left a 5.00 tip, we were passing a graveyard and I said I wanted to stop and say hello to my family, and you gussed it, I was in a new home again.

  • I mis-spelled your name, sorry. Meant Flame!

  • Thanks for your guidance!

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