• I am a 39 yr old sag. ive been through bad relationship after bad rerlationship!!!! im so lost and longing for true love... do you see anything for me anytime soon????

  • Hi there hopelesssag4life (that's a mouthful!!)

    Thanks for asking!

    I think you'll be the second one who has a deep-seated belief that you only deserve certain things from love.

    With you though, this has been brought about because you witnessed/suffered some sort of abuse as a young child (hope that's not getting TOO personal) and this has coloured your attitude towards relationships right up until now.

    I think you're seeing you deserve better now, and that's good. You need to properly realise that you deserve a loving, gentle partnership with someone and not co-dependence or control. You want to be on an equal footing with your partner, but have given your power away in relationships because you think that's all you deserve. Well it's not!

    Once you are able to change this belief, you'll see things improve. I think you need a break from relationships for a while though until you can sort out these issues which cloud your judgement and bring you nothing but tears and disappointment.

    Parting message/s

    1. Work on changing your attitude about what you deserve from relationships

    2. Take a break from men for a while; start giving to yourself rather than them.

    3. I think you might benefit from counselling - just being able to talk to someone whose job it is to listen. I don't think many people bother to listen to you, or you don't ask enough of them in that regard, so counselling might be a great way for you to vent some of that hidden stuff.

    4. I see a successful relationship coming for you in about twelve months.

    I know this isn't probably what you wanted to hear as such, but it's true we draw to ourselves that which we believe we deserve because we've become used to it.

    Once you are able to free yourself from these old beliefs, you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel. You really do deserve self love and this is the big issue for you at the moment. So work on that, and you'll draw towards you only good things.

    Hope this helps you; thanks for asking and GOOD LUCK :))

  • Oh, btw, what I meant by "being the second one" I did a reading for someone else with similar issues to you just before. Sorry for being confusing!!

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