Earthquakes in CA

  • In California earthquakes are kind of a big deal. I live in the Los Angeles/ Malibu area. Lately there have been so many water main breaks that I totally have a feeling theres going to be a bad earthquake soon. I'm not a psychic and I dont have any ability to see the future but even if you just look at little things in everyday life you can see signs to the future... Haha enough of my rambling but I was wondering Is there any way anyone could maybe use their ability to see the future so I can safe-proof things in my home? My main concern is to keep my 2 year old as safe as possible!! I'm really hoping theres not another northridge type quake soon it would be so disasterous!

  • Hi, Your fears are real. Plumbing is always the first to go. Scarry because what happens to the public water supply. So, stock-up on water, canned foods, candy, canned meat--you probably know the list. I don't think I could live there. Texas has had some quakes recently. That's where I live and you never hear of them. You might give some thought to relocating. Predicting a quake is easy, when is the question. Look at everything happening in Indonesia. Ask God to protect you. I don't see a major one in CA. but somehow CA will be devastated. That's a feeling. I do see something for Japan and a lot of water. I do see coasts crumbling and islands disappearing. I think we have seen a tiny picture. I think our cages will be majorly rattled, if they haven't already.

  • Ok Sunshinebabii if you grew up there then your not really rattled by them every state has quakes they aren't real noticible to most people. You need to attach book shelves to the wall for one so they don't fall any big cabinets should be secured to the wall. Your tv should be on something stable also to make sure it won't come down on a child. Just take a look around at furniture or anything hanging that could come down on someone. Large pictures or mirrors. I grew up there and I remember the one in 1971 hit the valley really hard. I laid in bed and watched my pictures moving and my daughter and husband slept right through it. It was bad but not as bad as the Northridge quake. But that one shook up and down instead of the usual side to side. Make sure that anything of any weight is moved down or secured to a wall. And you know to have a survival kit ready just in case you need it. Batterys, somethings for your child to play with, meds for them and the family. You can look that up online. I would rather deal with earthquakes cause I grew up with a few there than the tornadoes we have here in tornado alley. I finally have gotten so I am not scared of them cause if its my time nothing will stop me from leaving. Take care and use common sense.

  • Oh and by the way you are aware that the pipes are extremely old in some areas and if your around Malibu sand shifts very easily so pipes will move more in that area than say the desert. And you know that coastline always has mud slides and they have since I was a child there back in the 50'. They have never done anything to stop that from happening. Over 50 yrs. later its still happening. You want tremors to release pressure from inside the earth or you would have more major quakes than are there. But really every state has faults. I was living in Mo. a few years ago and was told they had one that shock so hard than people outside fell down. They have earthquake preparedness offices there too. New York I think had one this year or last year. You can't live in fear but you can do things to make ready if you need them. Look at the mud slide in San Diego in 97' along Torre Pines. The pipes broke there and some houses were sliding and breaking up. Again old pipes and sand on the coast. Those are cliffs.

  • Hi, I believe the largest quake recorded was in Missouri.

  • Hi, We are actually at the mercy of continents, plates, divergent and convergent plates, ocean currents that are like a giant conveyor belt and an ocean floor that is constantly moving. A lot of what goes on depends on the core of the Earth also. I wouldn't be surprised at all if there were major quakes where we don't expect them.

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