Why cancer man like to gaze or stare?

  • Hi all!

    I am a Cancer FEMALE and I stare into the eyes of everyone, including strangers! I have not found "true love" yet, but I can say that a Soul Connection is important for me, personally. I would love to meet and marry a "healthy' cancer male. I feel that many of us Cancers are romantic, wonderful nurturers and extraordinary parents (if we are balanced); but we do get a bad rap. I am not moody or evasive unless someone's energy is draining or negative. I am sensitive to the atmosphere, feelings and aura's of others and extremely intuitive....and yes, I can become easily overwhelmed and intense. But I love me!

    Fears are normal for everyone, especially if you have been hurt or do not know yourself....

    And... as I stated in another post entitled "Not about the zodiac...", there is more to a person than just their sun sign. There's a myriad of planetary positions that makes us who we are. In addition, some fears, reservations and behaviors stem from past life issues that need to be sorted out in this life. The better understanding that one has about their current existence, the better life will be. It takes freedom to truly love and not knowing yourself is paralyzing...like being in a prison.

    So...please, let's not judge one another based on zodiacs. It is so much more complicated than that...Take a look at your birth chart. It will change your life!

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