Why cancer man like to gaze or stare?

  • Recently I have build an intimate relationship with a cancer man. I found that he likes to gaze into my eyes very oftenly. The gaze sometimes makes me feel so uncomfortable. I asked him before why he was staring and what he was thinking. I even ask him what does the look means. But I nerver get an answer and he will continue with his gaze. Does anyone has the same experience? Can anyone help me with the answer? What is the meaning of the gaze?

  • Perhaps he just likes to rest his eyes on you? Perhaps he just likes to look into your eyes? If you dont like it, tell him that you dont like it. Tell him to stop. He obviously does not get the contact with him that he hopes for. Perhaps you should not be together?

  • He's looking into your soul my friend.

    THW is right! If this makes you so uncomfortable, maybe this fellow isn't the one for you, or maybe you have some hidden things which you're not happy about people seeing. Cancerians tend to do that y'know (I'm one). We've been known to make people so uncomfortable that they just might yell at us or never speak to us again, or similar 🙂 It sounds like he's looking to know you, and that you are keeping your guard up, which never pleases a Crab. So like THW has said, I'd be looking at the relationship really and seeing if you seriously want to continue it, because this fellow won't stop wanting to know who YOU are. Unless maybe one day, you want to tell him 🙂 Oh and by the way, Cancerians are known for searching for that soul-connection thing, which is another (pretty major) reason why we love to stare into people's eyes. We're just lookin for our soul family! So don't feel too threatened by this. You'll notice also that Cancerians can be very good at out-staring the family cat!

    Hope this helps you some 🙂 xoxoxooxoxoxoxxoo

  • This post is deleted!

  • my cancer does not do it all the time I find its often at moments when we are really close or drifting apart. I stare into his eyes when I want him to know how sincere I am

  • Cris1962, you are SO funny and sweet! My Cancer guy has the most clear, gorgeous hazel green eyes that I find mesmerizing. I just gaze right back and feel so loved and this has a calming affect on me. It's like Tantra or meditation! You need to worry when they don't gaze into your eyes anymore.

  • quixotic,

    Ta for those nice comments you made 🙂 And how right are you? Yes, you do need to worry when a Cancerian doesn't want to look into your eyes anymore ... avagooday :))

  • Hi AquaPisc, Please listen to your better judgment.

  • The gaze feels good at first. It became awkward when he prolongs it. I wonder what he is thinking. I tried asking him but he don't me and keep on staring. I somehow feel a bit uncomfortable and I did told him about it but he will still keep staring...I hope I will know why he do that. How to make him say?

  • Hi cris1962 and quixoticaquarianmoon, why do you say that you do need to worry when a Cancerian doesn't want to look into your eyes anymore?

    Does that mean that they dont like you anymore if they dont look at you again?

  • AquaPisce. If what he is doing is uncomfortable for you, then I dont think it is right. So trust your own judgement. Perhaps he is a bit strange. So trust your own judgement. If he is strange or behaving a bit "unnatural" to you, then that might be because he is not who you are supposed to be with. He might not be doing that if he is with another one. People have different impact on us. Perhaps you dont understand eachother properly, and that might be why this is so uncomfortable between you. He might not do it because he likes you so much, but perhaps rather that he is trying to find out if you really care about him. Like a curiosity thing. To see if you like him or just "like" him. He might have self-asteem-problems? So trust your own judgement in this. If it is uncomfortable, then something is not right. What he then is "giving" you is not what you need.

  • I mean: What he is doing might not be because of affection, but because of curiosity. That it is something he is trying to find out. And my guess is: He is trying to find out why you are with him. Because of a self-asteem-problem.

  • Being a Cancerian myself and know that I have and still do this...gaze into people's eyes...not only do I do this to the ones I love/like but I tend to do this to the general public also...it tends to have a calming affect at times...but I can say that when a Cancer avoids eye contact they are either hiding something themselves or have begun detachment processes from a particular individual...so in my opinion yes you should be concerned when a cancer dosen't gaze...could mean they don't want to connect

  • That's what I was going to say crabby love, what I think is making you uncomfortable is that by looking that deeply into your eyes you may be afraid he is able to see you imperfections too, and he can, you may not be ready to share that deeply, if you look back just as deep you can see his beautiful soul too. Try it, it may make him blush.

  • ya maybe I should try to see what I get..lol... I always thought that he is thinking of something. Because his eyes look different from his normal self.

  • the eyes are trully the mirror to ones soul, often people find it hard to make or maintain eye contact because the feel like someone is looking deeply univited. But look back into his soul see what's there instead of trying to hide your soul. When you do and you connect with your cancer on a soul level it feels like heaven.

  • The eyes tell a lot, it's why I don't like having a conversation with someone in sunglasses!

  • Aqua- This is so weird that you posted this... A few months ago I briefly dated a Cancer man for the first time. He had this unusually intense stare as well. He would hold it and his pupils would get huge... I felt almost like his stare was burning a hole right through me. It made me feel uncomfortable too. I would ask him why he was staring at me like that and he seemed offended when I asked him.. It was a really intense stare and I wanted to know what the heck he was thinking! Haha, he never told me of course. This guy threw me for a loop too. I just started to finally get over him.

    Two different readers told me that we were soul mates and we could see it in the eyes... Weird! It hasn't seemed to work out yet for whatever reason that is... Last time I saw him it was the same stare. Freaks me out a little and makes me super nervous, but I totally understand.

  • This is really interesting. To take this a step further, Can staring into your eyes become too intense for a cancer man? From this discussion I have learned that the cancer is staring into your soul. Can what they see become too intense for them? Not sure if this makes sense, however.

    There is this cancer guy i like. I was in a bar with friends one day and he came to the bar to meet me. We were chatting quite close and it felt like we were the only ones in the room. Anyway soon the conversation stopped and we just stood there gazing into one anothers eyes smiling. It was wonderful, I felt this deep connection with him, I really saw how gorgeous he was in that special moment. That lasted about a minute then the said he had to go to the bathroom, so I said cool, see you soon and continued talking to my friends. He was taking ages so I text him to see what was up. He text back saying that he was not feeling well so he went home. I was not very happy at all, I was left confused and felt lied to. Why could he not have told me that he was going? Was that moment too intense for him that he didnt know how to process it or did he just not feel the same? He could of just said ' I'm not feeling you so I'm going home'. I am still confused about it to this day.

    Cancer guys - Any input into why he did this?

  • BTW I'm a typical Gemini so even though I am finding him very confusing, I am loving trying to figure him out and learning more about him, it's all interesting and fun. I don't think I would ever get bored with him because there is always something new to discover and learn about him, it just takes effort and time to discover it or wait for him to chose to share it.

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