Dont want to make another bad decision

  • i am full blown saggitarius the T!!!! recently been talking to a cancer man,on the cusp [6/22/72] of gemini... any advice as to whether or not this is a good match???

  • Typical negative Saggitarian, even your user name speaks volumes about you, why do you think you are going to make a bad decision ............ again?, what was so bad about your previous decisions?.

    Dear heart, what do YOU think about this match?, it seems to me that you want to go forward but you intend to take all your past hurt with you, be brave and be open to all that life brings to you sweetheart, be open to the joy but be ready for some pain, don't project your past hurt and pain onto another possibly new relationship.

  • I agree with barefootdocuk, on the negativity. It is ok to be discerning but don't shut down without checking things out first. A Cancer on the cusp of Gemini may have some duality but that may not be a bad thing. But you will never know, unless you get out there and put the past in a lock box for now. You will know where that box is, and it won't need to interfere with the possible good things this life has to offer you!

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