• These are "awakenings" as you aptly titled this post Ms Gem.

    A lot of us are tuning in even more than usual to these sorts of things. Like I'm getting numbers of things quite often that turn out to be right. Or you just know what's going on, as such, with people. I've been dreaming more often this year than usual, but then I've posted all that up in the recent past so won't go into details here. These dreams haven't been symbolic in the usual way, but more like sit up and take notice dreams. And take notice of 'em I have ... I honestly feel this is all heralding the coming of 2012 and the joining of light workers the world over. It's up to each individual who is being affected this way as to whether or not they buy into it, but basically those of us who have the lightworker "gift" (for want of a better word) are being called to use it and move into where they're supposed to be and do what they're meant to be doing. It's the global shift in consciousness that's bringing this about and whether you believe it or not, just about all of us on this Site are part of it. Why else are we experiencing this? And en masse?

    So just go with what you're getting, read up a bit more on light workers and/or ascending earth angels (which may be one in the same to a degree, but not entirely sure about that) and see what you come up with. If you haven't been doing readings for others in the past, this could be a message that you should be, and/or these "slight precursors" in your dreams could be simply training you up, so to speak, for other visions/images/messages you'll get in probably more powerful dreams in the future.

    Hope this helps you some my friend! It's exciting when stuff like this happens, isn't it? Just don't let it worry you either. YOu don't have to take notice of everything dreams tell you, but I'd still be jotting them down. And by the way, it was a full moon on Sunday night (here in Australia at least) and those effects are felt 3 days before and 3 days after as well as the day the moon turns 100% as far as information I've read tells me 🙂

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