• Hi All,

    I was taking a nap the other day, a light sleep really, and while in a half sleep state I thought I heard someone call my name so I woke up and a few seconds later my mother called me on the phone. I was going to the break room the other day at work and thought for sure someone called my name very loudly (I work on a floor with over 80 people on it) so I turned back and no one was standing up, waving, etc.

    Then my cousin comes over for a visit, again I was taking a nap and just before she entered my room I woke up and said hello to her, like I could feel her presence in my sleep. I had no idea she was there. I'm not sure if there is a full moon this week or if it has anything to do with it.

    I feel like I am more finely tuned in than I usually am. Has anyone else had things like this happen lately? I've discussed in another thread about dreaming about my grandmother and uncle that have passed a lot lately.

    Thanks for listening.


  • probably full moon. I don't know though how often you have been experiencing it.

    I had strange things happening or seen them since I was a child. only I didn't know who or what. they disappeared when I was around 10 or so. Then one day it came back. I was shown when my dad would die, he had cancer at the time. I thought I could delay it, but no treatment could save him anymore. since then I had dreams about people that will either die, or fall sick. their names will be either written clearly or I had to guess. I didn't nurture this, at the time I thought money first, everything else must wait. So all I did was write the visions or deceased spirits that visit me. some of them are hubby's family that died before we met, and few from my past. so I guess they were checking us out. I wish they said something instead of staring 🙂 but anyway at least they visited us.

    For quite a few years now I have been learning more about spiritual path and training myself to be more in tune to my psyche. the last 3 years have been great for me. this year especially I found my way back to my spirit guide, who was also my guide in the past, only at that lifetime I was kind of strayed off I guess I didn't end up walking on spiritual path I married someone rich and forgotten all about it. Shame, I know. but in this lifetime apparently I was given a chance and my guide finally responded to my call. It's like meeting an old friend. I smile everytime I see her. this year is really the best year in my life.

    If you have experienced it before then it could be full moon. but if it's completely new to you or some kind of improvement, then it's a sign your psyche is now connected to the spirit world. just a guess.

  • I don't believe I have a sprit guide, I think you guys have a special gift probably passed down through generations. I believe you are "chosen" Enjoy your gifts I'm jealous.

  • well everybody has it. a guide could be angel, spirit guide (like mine), mentor (a living being who can teach you spiritual life) or totem animals. there is no limit of shape and form of spirit guides, there are people who actually have elves as guides or deceased loved ones. the guides are either chosen to do so or they volunteer. so everyone has at least one. but sometimes they leave and replaced by a new one. ask for guidance and you will receive an answer.

  • Thats good to hear, leoscorpon. I believe we all have someone. Someone we dont see. But can feel.

  • Poetic555: You have a special gift for sure. Sometimes it's very subtle like just being a good listener, or someone who likes to make people food to comfort them, or sometimes you know who will be on the phone when it rings. Everybody has a gift, some need to be nurtured a little more. I was reading an angel book one day. I had finished it and I said to myself kind of sadly "gee I wish I had a guardian angel" and all of a sudden a voice in my ear said a name loud and clear. I was so shocked I looked around the room to see if someone was there. I was stunned and happy as I supposed my guardian angel heard me. After that I talked to a friend whose mother is a psychic and she said you will get confirmation that is your angels name. I did get confirmation and heard that odd name spoken 2 more times. Then I rememberd back to the time I stepped into a very busy street while waiting for a light to change. A bus immmediately zoomed right at me full speed and was stopping at the curb to let passengers off so his tire was right at the curb. I would have been maimed for sure or I would have died, only something lifted me up from the back of my jacket. My feet went off the ground and I was left standing on the sidewalk. Just then the light changed and everyone started walking so I had to go to, but when I looked over my shoulder I could see no one who stood out and no one said a word to me. I was very grateful. Don't ever think you have no one. Sometimes we have more guides and they are people that have lived before. Also relatives can come to help us. There are many angel books out there that give you wonderful exercises too so that you can open yourself for angelec contact. You must give them permission to be in your life more fully as they won't overstep their boundaries. I now constantly ask for help to find things as I'm always losing things and it works! It also helps to be grateful and thank them for being in your life as well. You too have at least one angel who is always with you. Believe that!

  • Poetic555: You do have a someone. Just because you dont see it, doesnt mean it is not there. And the wish that that soul has for you is that you believe. Believe in the invisible. Believe in what you dont see. The creator sent angels down to us humanst to serve us. The angels are made of light. So dont think that you dont have this. And still; lets say you didnt have one: Then for goodness sake understand that you can PRAY for it.

    It says in the Bible (B-word again): Ask, and you will receive. But it is your responcibility to accept it. If you do not open up for the fact that you CAN receive, then you in fact are saying NO to your gift. So please: Believe. That is your spiritual responcibility for yourself.

  • This post is deleted!

  • It could be a combination of things too. Maybe because the retrograde is gone and the full moon is here. I'm not sure. I do hear things sometimes when I am in that twilight either just falling asleep or just waking up. One time I heard a voice very distinctly and loudly say "YOU NEED TO QUIT SMOKING RIGHT NOW"!!!

  • Hi CoffeeGem: My computer went haywire and posted it b4 I was ready. Anyway, after I heard the voice telling me I need to quit smoking immediately I almost fell right out of bed. I loved to smoke so was very dismayed. I went to a hypnotist to help me and it didn't do anything so I continued to smoke and worry about the voice I heard. I kind of ignored it because I figured if it was an angel it would have sounded nicer so I thought it may be a spirit messing with me (my way of justifying not quitting). One night while sleeping a woman doctor was holding an x-ray with a spot on it and shaking it in front of me. I got the message real quick after that. It's been over 4 years now no smoking. Sometimes the voices are there for us to heed, sometimes they are just hanging around and shouldn't be there, or somtimes it's our loved ones popping in to say hello or to help you. You can usually tell if it's a loved one because their personality will follow them. If someone meddled into your affairs while they were alive, chances are they will be the first to come back to you so you can hear or see them in some way. Sometimes when we are very busy that twilight time is the only time spirit can reach us. You may need to determine if what happened to you follows a pattern that someone did in real life to figure out if it's one of your passed over loved ones. Keep us posted if you have more happenings!

  • Mmack: That was really amazing. Amazing.

  • MMack/Hanged Woman, Thank you so much! Especially you MMack your words made me cry, I believe in the possibility just have not seen it manifested yet. I believe in hope and humanity and the good thats in the world. Its also in the bible that many or called but few are chosen and thats a fact jack. Sometimes I wonder did I do something bad in another life? Am I being Punished, don't get me wrong my life is not all bad, I am far from perfect but I'm not evil in any way or fashion either. I guess it is what it is, but thank for you kind words they are encouraging. Keep up the good fight all of you guys. Take care! "Beings of Light." C.C.

  • P.S. MMack what an amazing story both times your life was saved. AMAZING! You are here for a purpose!

  • poetic, we all are here for a purpose. life is so meaningful that the universe won't just allow us to live it without making the best of it in every turn. it throws balls of problems at us now and then, what we have to do is catch it and throw it back every time. like in football lesson, until you can catch the ball, the coach will keep throwing it at you. we have to keep moving forward because life is meant to be so. anything stagnant or no longer useful, will be 'erased or replaced' because all they do is holding us back and that is not a concept that the universe wants us to learn. whatever happens, life has to continue. death is only a short break. one day our time will be up and our spirit will have to go, hence our body dies. but we will come back, in another body, probably another place, not earth. all happens according to the universe timing. it's ok to be sad when someone dies, but it's not ok to hold on to the emotion so much that the deceased's spirit is troubled and delay the journey. holding on to something precious, is a good thing to learn. holding on to what is no longer here, or no longer important to our growth, is not. this is why some people are 'blank'. you pass them by and all you see in them is boredom, stress, worries etc. because they think their life has no purpose. they go to school, they work, they go home, they sleep, wake up and the whole cycle repeats its self. they don't find life meaningful, and so when they end up taking it, either killing animals or people, they don't feel any remorse. what they don't know is that our actions cause ripple effects, it will come back to them regardless what life time they are in. the universe doesn't have a mid-way. it's either yes or no. you learn it and move forward, or you don't and it will keep throwing problems at you until you learn it. and it goes for everyone and everything, for we are all a part of the universe.

  • That was beautiful Leo/Scorpion. Very insightful. 🙂

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