Gifts and why do we charge or them?

  • so, its a question ive always asked...... we as people have the gifts and ability to help each other with healing works such as reki, chi gonge, or any other form of healing aswell as divination. why put a price on it? there are those that can do great things but they expect payment for it. if i need some sorta chakra work and that cost $50 and all i have is 10 should i be denied that help? or get a half way job? if the Universe is abundant and all our needs can and will be met, then why should there be a price tag on help? thats just as bad as those who need medical attention but lack the funds to get it. for a group of people who call themselves "enlighted" and "connected" dont you think the joy and love of being able to assist our brothers and sisters should be enough? dont you think that with an ABUNDANT Universe the money will come? i suppose it can work both ways for the person needing the help. but if you turn it that way....youve missed the point.

    much Love


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