Sag sun/ Scorpio venus, who is compatible?

  • I seem to run into the same problems relationship wise for years and years now.

    I will either attract a man who is compatible with my sun sign (Sagittarius) or a man who suits my venus (Scorpio).

    After some month of bliss and a wonderful relationship I will start missing the 'other side', meaning I will miss either the fun and adventurous Sag or the deep, mystical Scorpio. Is there hope for me to find a man who could suit me in both aspects? What should I look out for in a Man? Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi my fellow Sag w/ venus scorpio. I totally understand your love life has always seemed to be the more difficult thing to get a hold on in my life as well.

    I really think we have just can't let ourselves settle for less than we want....I we have Sagg who is very idealistic and a dreamer, and then our Scorpio venus, who wants and will only be able to accept love that is deep & real.

    I learned recently from an experience that I need to be with someone who is like me. I tried dating someone who was almost opposite and I was soooooo bored with him! I basically ran away from that situation. Also pay attention to moon signs....I have found that has a HUGE impact. For instance, the guy I like has the same moon sign as me.....which is Gemini....we were attracted to eachothers similarity in both being mentally stimulating, light & airy (especially around others)....and just similar moods and interests and reactions.

    I think there is definitely hope for you to find someone who suits both of your needs. It's not easy to get exactly what you want you might be testing the waters for a bit...but I personally refuse to settle for less..........

    Although they can be quite a challenge...I tend to get along very well with Scorpios because of the Venus connection...and also because they are very mentally stimulating and seem to love adventure as well. Our intensity goes well together....but again........the moon sign is important i have learned.

    I also am very attracted to people who are "Happy" and have good energy and are somewhat "upbeat"........i think you should pay attention to those people. If you feel good being their "outer self" (the Sagg part) never know what you will uncover....(Scorpio part).

  • Thank you so much for your input. How funny, I am Gemini moon as well. Hmmm. We don't have it easy but it is a rich life.

  • Oh wow...That moon in Gemini is a tough combo I think when you have venus scorp....seems it can be very contradicting..thats how I feel sometimes.

    and yes....a rich life it is : )

    I think its great that your looking into astrology and such to help you understand yourself better....Which is what I have been doing also. It's a start in a good direction because the more you understand you....the better you can maintain the negative aspects of your ways.

    BTW...Us Sag-scorpio-gemini gals are awesome partners and we deserve the best..and we will have long as we dont settle for something that is just not "us" & try to be PATIENT...I capitalize that because that seems to be an issue with most Sags.


  • This post is deleted!

  • If I am right about a new person in my life I would have hit the jackpot!

    With his birthday his Sun is Leo, matches with my Sagittarius. His Moon is in Sagittarius, matches with my Moon in Gemini.

    His Mars is in Scorpio, matches with my Venus in Scorpio and my Mars in Scorpio. His Venus is in Virgo, matches with my Venus in Scorpio again.

    I hope I understood him right when he told me his birthday. We have met online, I will see where it goes when we meet in person.

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