1st deck of Tarot cards....have questions

  • He everyone,

    I've heard opposing views of how one should obtain their first deck of Tarot cards. Some say that they have to be "gifted" to you, others say that's not entirely accurate and that you can purchase your own if you feel drawn to them.

    At any rate, I was in a little gift shop the other day, you know, the type that sells books, knick knacks, greeting cards as well as other various trinckets and gift items. I went into the store purposely to look for a gift or two for my son for his birthday. While there, I decided to ask the clerk if they sold Tarot cards, and she said that they did. The clerk pulled out a basket from behind the counter and it was filled with various types of cards and divination tools but there was only ONE actual basic/starndard deck of Tarot cards. I decided to purchase them immediately. My thought process is that the lack of decks for me to choose from was in itself a "sign" of sorts that this deck was meant for me. If you believe as I do that there are no coincidences, just things that the universe brings together for a reason, then you will understand why I feel that particular deck was meant for me.

    So this leads to my questions...

    I am new at card reading and would love to have someone suggest some spreads that would be simple, straightforward, and basic for a beginner such as myself. If anyone has any suggestions please share them if you'd like, as it would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if there is anyone out there who would like to do a reading for me, please let me know. There is alot happening in my life right now and I could really use some guidance.

    thanks everyone!


  • Ahhh, Sacogirl, I feel terrible for neglecting you on that other thread. This past month has been the hugest transition I've experienced in about 15 years and I've had much to deal with. I'd still be happy to do a reading for you, please remind me what your question is at this point (assuming it may have changed). Try to keep it specific though, I see people that want to know about life, love, career, their kids....that's too much for me. Try to hone in on your most important concern at this time and I will try to assist.

    I love your story about the deck of cards. What kind of deck is it? I use the standard Rider-Waite deck myself. There are so many beautiful decks out there, but I know all the nuances of these cards after all these years, they are too familiar to me now to let them go. Personally, I believe that whatever compels you to seek the wisdom of the Tarot is reason enough to get a deck and explore for yourself. I was led to try it when I was 23 (49 now and still at it). A palm-reader suggested that I had a strong "spiritual intution" that I should try to develop. I remember nervously inquiring about my first deck as well, in what sounds like a similar sort of shop as you were in, and the owner directed me to my first deck and a book of interpretations. That raggedy old deck is still the one I use.

    One word of advise he gave me and that I will give to you as well, is to "put some space between your readings, don't keep asking the same question over and over". I violate this advise often, lol, but more out of curiousity than expecting any different outcome - inevitably, what is interesting, is that the "theme" of a situation doesn't change. Oh a few cards here and there may change, but the overall message will remain the same until the particular situation has followed it's natural course. However, there may be times in life when changes are occuring rapidly. I have recently been through such a time myself, and in those times I "give myself permission" to do more readings to get a better idea of areas I might be overlooking in the "rush". There are certain cards that can alert you as well that you are in the midst of, or that you are entering a time of rapid change (the 8 of wands, or the Chariot come to mind). Again, with experience you'll know what sort of pace makes sense for exploring any particular topic.

    Let me know if I can be of help, and thank you so much for your understanding about the promised reading.

  • Hi Jenever7!

    Thanks so much for your reply an for remembering my request for a reading! Of course I understand you've been busy, and I believe you have to take care of number 1 before anyone else, so no worries there 🙂 I am going through some transitions now too, and haven't been here as frequently as I'd like to.

    The deck I got is called "Starter Tarot Deck" (interestingly enough, since I'm a beginner..lol) and they are made by US. Game Systems, printed in Italy. I appreciate your advice about not reading too often about the same thing. You have mad a very good point!

    So I am curious about what I should use for some basic or standard spreads, as someone who is really just staring out. Any thoughts there?

    Also, after I shuffle the deck, am I supposed to pick the cards off the top of the deck or fan them out and choose cards that I'm "led" to?

    Finally, If you'd like to read for me, I'd love it.. My question is this, "does my boyfriend have my best interest at heart or is he being deceptive in terms of his intentions?"

    I'll look forward to hearing back from you Jenever, and I'm looking forward to the results of my reading. My dob is 80201970, born at 6:42 am. If you need anything else from me, just ask!

    Thanks again!


  • That deck was meant for you

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Sacogirl,

    My name is Kelly and this is my first posting with regard to a reply. The way you selected the cards is absolutely perfect! Nothing happens by coincenence and you are right!! I hope it was a Rider Waite deck, as most learning tools are based on this colorful deck. It contains many symbols, which you'll learn have meanings all their own. If you are wondering about a reading, an easy one to start with is a 3 card past, present, future reading.

    Before you jump right in, play with your cards for awhile. Get them familiar to you and your touch. As you may have noticed, tarot cards are larger than standard. Practice shuffling them. If you are not familiar with roman numerals, something I like to do (and still do if I havent handled them recently), is shuffle them, and practice putting each suit in numerical order from ace to king with the pips (4 suits) and the Majors from 0 to 21 (22 altogether) There are alot of beginner books (I collect all books and decks). I like Tarot for Dummies by Amber Jayanti. It's very user friendly, and I like the way it is presented. Amber Jayanti's approach is based on a perspective I enjoy. There are so many books. The one I've recently been studying is called "The Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need., by Skye Alexander. You can go nuts at Barnes and Noble!!!

    You'll want to treat your cards with the utmost respect. Don't let anyone else handle them. I keep mine in a piece of silk, in a special container. You may want to sleep with them under your pillow for a while. You can also burn some sage and request that any and all negativity be banished from your deck. State that you will only use them for good, and that it is your intention never to harm anyone with your readings. I don't know what kind of belief system you have, that is a personal choice, but you can just start out with the simple request that I've mentioned. I hope I've helped. Kelly

  • 1. You went with your "gut instinct", and that's something you should always follow. I've purchased several things down the years as they called to me --from a hunk of raw garnet (not only my birthstone, but my patroness' choice as well!) to a deck of tarot cards. Always, always follow that "gut feeling" you had --you won't go wrong!

    2. As for spreads, etc: I've always done the "Celtic Cross" spread (you'll find it on the site somewhere) as it always gives me an "either/or" outcome. After all, the future is NOT set in stone - one small change can change a "set" outcome! (Example: there are several of these in Nostradamus' prophesies, simply because he Saw "futures" that would happen IF the person didn't heed the warning in the first place.) As for starting:

    a. Shuffle the deck (or, as you do readings for others, have them shuffle) until you feel the deck has gone completely random. Doesn't matter how long this takes....

    b. Set the deck down and make three piles of the same size --or as close as possible. (Again, the querent - the one who's asking the question - gets to do this.)

    c. Take the middle third, put it on top of the bottom third, then put that whole stack on the top third. This will guarantee that you don't know what's going to come up! (This also reassures the querent as well.)

    Now lay out the spread. I tend to try to See what the "general answer" is, usually to yes/no/maybe questions.... then interpret going from the card to the left of center (Past influence) --> below center (past) --> center & bottom of line(present self & situation, as well as opposing forces) --> right of center (future influence) to both above center and top of the "line" next to the cross. (possible futures). The two in between the top & bottom of the line stand for (going upwards) the Environment surrounding the question, then Hopes & Fears.

    Should I draw this out for you so you can see what I mean?

  • p.s: ...and I was taught that you should read the book ONCE at first - just to get the gist of what the Author meant. After that, put it away, get out a notebook, and go through the cards one at a time, devoting a page (or two, if need be) to each card. What you want to do is meditate on each card and write down how you think the interpretation should be. I usually keep the book around in case I get stuck.

  • Sorry for the delayed reply...

    Just wanted to thank all of you who replied to my post and shared their opinions and insight.

    Thank you Ketira for such a detailed explanation of the celtic cross spread and the proper way to begin a reading.

    You are all very kind and thoughtful to share your thoughts with me.

    Blessings to all,


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