Where or How to Learn I Ching???

  • I am interested in learning about I Ching and I do not want to just click and have a answer read to me. I tried it here and I find it confusing as it sometimes does not seem to mesh with my life or even question.

    Anyone know of a site or???

    so I can understand what the I CHing is really about and how to use it properly?

    the meanings of each symbol etc?

    I need something that is easy to understand too.

    Thanks for any help posted. :0)

  • First, "easy to understand" is subjective. Not to sound "preachy", but wisdom comes through effort & experience. (I've been at it for ~2 years & am still learning daily...) And, from my own infant experience, I would suggest understanding Chinese wisdom by its own right (Zen, Tao, Confucianism, Kung Fu Philosophies, etc). "Quick" answers are not the typical way where these forms are concerned. They are meant to be thought-provoking; to force one to learn by way of their own inner devices.

    There are several reputed books (just search Amazon/Barnes&Nobles or similar books stores). I have personally found The Complete I Ching by Taoist Master Alfred Huang particularly insightful. Wilhelm's interpretation is in several places on the web (google I Ching Wilhelm). And there are other individual sites with additional insights.

    I would suggest familiarizing yourself with multiple interpretations to get a feel for the common seed between & amongst them; unless you can find a master with substantial experience with the Book of I willing to teach you (Yi Jing / I Ching).

    Wilhelms : http://www.akirarabelais.com/i/i.html

    Another : http://flytrapinteractive.com/~complimentary/iching/index3.html

    There are more. These two are plenty to start with.

  • Hi Sable..I love the I Ching myself.I know how you feeel, though that is he way the I Ching is.It is symbolic and abstract.It doesn't answer yes or no and it more than anythig gives us something to think about.I agree with the advice given to you--try Hunag's or Wilhelm's.But, since you're new and not feeling sure of yourself yet try also a smplified text as well.Although these types are not popular with expereinced users, the truth is, to a new I Ching user it can offer insight that might take you years otherwise.I strted reading it in 1969, and didn't even have thew Wilhelm translation until 1972.

    Other books that were considered simplified back then--were, simply-- not .And not so good.LOL.

    But later, after I'd already become more experienced with it, there were some simpler books that I nonethless enjoyed because the interpretation was refreshing, and while perhaps incomplete for all manner of reading, these newer books gave fresh insights.

    Ok--without further ado, here are some--try Sam Reifer's I Ching, you can get it in paperback.It is actually quite good, and refers to many sociological trends, and facts, as well as hisory and literature to help make its points.

    Also, there is one that came out about 12 yrs ago--The Everyday I Ching, by I think, Sarah Dennings.

    If you see any by Thomas Cleary, they are good too, though not so simple either.

    I have another suggestion however .I was pleasantly surprised that I even learned something from this person--and I have been at it since before this person was born, btw.

    She has, studied and translated her own version, and has a website with a free sction and a paid-for section for not much money, too.Her name is Hilary Barrett and her website is called"I Ching with Clarity".

    For a much larger sum, one can get a reading or get coaching from her, or, can take a class with her.Sh answers some questions in the discussions, occasionally.

    In any event, even if you do nothing more than join the free forum, there are many many people of varying degrees of experience there and most importantly-- people will help you with your readings! 🙂

  • Sable,yuck my typing is awful--that was Huang's and Wilhelm's.

  • Hi Sable31,

    I Ching, The book of changes and the unchanging truth by HUA-CHING NI- can be purchased at Amazon


    Feng Shui consultant master Alan Stirling does a course which you can attend to help you learn I Ching. Check out his web site Feng Shui that works for more information.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Sable 31,

    Check out www.mystichealthperuk.com which offers introductory courses in the I Ching. Taught by Dr. Gokul, now in London the course is open to complete beginners who wish to understand the fundemental basics of the I Ching.

    Dr. Gokul is of Chinese Peruvian descendency and whose own I Ching Master was awarded the jade apple in China has been interpreting the I ching for over fifteen years. Good luck - it's an amazing expereince!

  • This is a good thread

    thanks for the replies everyone I was thinking about learning I ching also

  • Really interested in learning about I-Ching myself. I know most people suggest getting a teacher instead of trying to get it all out of the book. But do you have any suggestions for finding a qualified teacher? I don't want to waste money and time on someone who's not helping me, frankly.

  • Sable 31,

    I have five I Ching books (Wilhelm/Baynes (I Ching); Huang (The Definitive I Ching); Barret (I Ching); Karcher (Total I Ching); Wu Wei, aka Chris Prentis (I Ching Answers). You want more than one version, but...if you had to start out with just one it would have to be Hilary Barret's I Ching; short, concise and very insightful - great for beginners! Others I would recommend would be the Wilhelms/Baynes and Huang's. Wilhelm's is more poetic with a Neo--Confucian moralistic slant if you are looking for personal insight and communal interaction. Huang's is more technical with less moralistic overtones. You can't go wrong with these 3...bank on it!

  • angel hugs


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