Second opinions??

  • I did an online reading for choices in love about whether I should be staying with someone or not. Both options seemed to be saying to do both. The outcome for leaving said clearing the old makes way for the new and the outcome for staying said expect to succeed. I am confused. Is it a classic case of don't take online readings too seriously? Lots of things that have been going on have been revealed, so I really don't think that is the case. Maybe I didn't ask right?? I tend to feel that you don't need to focus on anything any more than its significance in your life, like your feelings of the situation are enough to make it prominent to read for.

    Over and over in readings though I keep getting the Hanged Man and it keeps saying that I need to let go of someone or something. I know that sounds like it is telling me to let go of him, but I keep hanging on because A.) I'm not ready, and B.) I saw my psychic earlier this year and she said by next year I was going to be in a soulmate 'state' or phase or something and I asked her if that meant I was going to be with someone new, it was a little upsetting, and she said not necessarily. I'm still trying to understand that one... But 8 yrs ago when I was with another guy, who I guess I was with out of convenience, she said that I had not met my soulmate yet, and told me what his name started with. I wasn't ready to handle that at the time so I forgot what letter she said. But it really struck me that she didn't say anything like that this time. So that is why I am stuck feeling like this guy could very well be my soulmate and maybe all the issues going on right now is just a stepping stone and once we can both get ourselves clear that we will be in this soulmate 'stage' together. Can anyone just tell me if I am completely crazy or not, lol....

  • hi

    ok i hope this will help you. i looked up the hanged man in my favorites and this is what i learned

    this card represents searching within yourself

    din't try to force things or take control, just relax and let things happen

    instead of fighting the current let it take you where ever it flows

    i know its hard to have patience. this is a battle i have myself. we want to work out all the problems ourself and make things happen when we want them to happen!

    it dosen't work that way. stop and stand still! meditate and ask for guideness. find yourself first and all these other things will come to you.

    don't worry who your soul mate is! when the time is right you will both know it!!

    i know how you feel. i have been there. it will get better! you have to keep a positive open attitude

    there are free sites on the net-meaning of the tarot cards. find one u like and study the cards. after awhile they will began to have meanings to you, just by sight.

    don't doubt yourself or let fear and confusion take over ur life! be positive and know that you will find your answers--everything happens--when it's suppose to!!! xxx

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