Help me, Chris 1962 please!

  • Dear Chris

    I know you are going through a lot right now and I wish you luck and love! I have been very depressed and am probably going through a transition phase right now.Please help!

  • And so you are suramya, as a whole bunch of us are!

    Have you been fighting this misery feeling? Well, try not to. Give in to it as much as you can, as tears are liquid love my friend. Get that stuff out of your system, and you'll find you'll feel a lot lighter for it. Remember that unshed tears fester inside a person and manifest in depression and/or anger. Not that there's anything wrong with anger provided you take it out on inanimate objects :), but it needs release somehow.

    Get out in the sun as much as you can (though if you're over the other side of the hemisphere than I am, that may be hard), but a little as often as you are able is better than none.

    I'm also getting a slight lack of Vitamin B in your system. Pop along and get your bloods checked as this will contribute to a feeling of tiredness and depression also. If the results show all is fine, give up those smokes ... am I right - you smoke? Join the puffers club m'dear! Smoking is a lovely way to reduce our Vitamin B stores, but I counter that by eating a teaspoon of Vegemite (being Australian and all), so am lucky there. 'Course, if you're able to get your hands on good old Vegemite, problem solved! But I gotta give 'em up too and soon, or I'll be huffin AND puffin ... 😞

    I'm getting that you should think about doing yoga, just once a week to start with and you may find the feeling of comfort you're after. I feel you do have an existing back problem - I'm getting a pain which runs down the middle of your spine and radiates around your hips. That is because you don't feel supported in this life at the moment. Keep that in mind when you do yoga as the instructor will give you poses to suit. You will find that pain will eventually ease.

    Also, if you can find a meditation group somewhere in your area, please pop along to it. Actually, now I've said that, you are in a group already I think, but I'm feeling you may have started to outgrow it. That's okay! Try and find another.

    You need to let yourself laugh and cry and be at peace with your own emotions and not worry about putting people's noses out of joint while you do so. It's YOUR life.

    This transition phase will end and I see that the end of this year will be a lot easier for you. I think you've panicked a bit thinking that you "should've started feeling better by now". Again, you and a whole bunch of us! This is a residual thing for you I think, and what you're getting is the exhaustion that comes after an emotional upheaval. Did something major end in your life just recently or this year? This has left its mark on you and I think you felt responsible for it. Remember that things sometimes end because they're meant to, and not because anyone's to blame. Blame engenders guilt which eats joy like mice eat cheese, so do away with that blame thing and forgive yourself.

    In fact as I'm writing this, I'm getting the feeling you're starting to feel a bit of a release now. Go with it if you can. I see you'll still have days where you'll feel like giving up, but try to remember we're all in this together and experiencing the same, even though it feels like we're each floatin in that boat all on our lonesome :). Where one day sucks, the next one should shine a little bit ... or a lot if we're lucky! And then we'll start getting more shiny days than sucky ones ...

    Buy a lottery ticket too, I think you just might score something. Nothing huge, but I see a moderately good sum of money soon-ish and I get "luck" with it also. So, avago! Or even place a bet on a horse race ...

    I'm also getting there is someone in your life who is a bit of a parasite on you, which is also draining your energy. Can you get rid of them, or get out of their lives? Or at least ease off a bit ... or a lot? Whichever way you can deal with this, you need to protect yourself from this emotional drainage.

    I sure hope this made sense and has helped cheer you some.

    My final message is: you're not alone, and you'll find by opening up to friends, they'll be suffering similar. Look at how many of us on this Site are going through the same as you!

    Okay, think that's it for now suramya. I sure hope this has helped you some. Thanks for asking me to read for you and let me know if any of this makes sense ... or not 🙂 GOOD LUCK.

  • Thanks a lot Chris.I really appreciate your insights and kind words and the time you have spent to do a reading for me as well as the encouragement you have given.You are right on many counts.I was emotionally drained but am feeling better now ,especially after reading posts on this site , where I found people who are going through so much more..I live in a sunny country but the season is changing so it could be SAD.I cope badly with endings and you are right about blame and what if feelings.I give a lot of myself emotionally and want to learn some spiritual detachment!

    I never have smoked in my life!I do Yoga fairly regularly being Indian!I dont have back pain yet but keep dreaming{day dream} about getting it ,and it was strange when you said the same thing!!

    Am already feeling a little better and thank you so much for the support.

    Lots of hugs and kisses

    take lots of care of yourself....

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